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  • Published June 17, 2011
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A beautiful carpet or a rug can enhance the beauty of your house by manifolds. Carpets have been used for ages by affluent class to glorify décor of their homes and work places. Carpets are passed on from one generation to another as they reflect family heritage and pride. Even today people travel all over the world to get that beautifully hand craved carpet which would add charm to their living area. As carpets have become so important it is also equally important to keep them clean and maintain their beauty. There are many things one must bear in mind while cleaning their carpets and rugs otherwise things could go terribly wrong. Let us further discuss few tips on how to keep favourite carpet or rug clean.

Cleaning carpet requires lot of perfection which is attained after many years of experience. There are many components involved in carpet cleaning. One has to be aware of how much heat a surface may be able to bear beyond which things would go wrong. At what temperature should the water extraction cleaning is to be done? You need to be aware when to use steam cleaning and when dry cleaning would be more effective. Does all this seem too technical for you to understand? Never mind we give you some simple tips which you can follow and avoid going wrong while cleaning your carpet.

Basically there are three important parameters which needs to be managed in the process of carpet cleaning; Heat, Dwell time and Agitation. One has to find the right mix of these three in order to get maximum dirt out of the carpet. One needs o rinse the carpet well while using detergents to clean the carpet. While using a cleaning solution like detergent to clean the carpet surface makes sure you have rinsed the carpet thoroughly so that the cleaning solution can pull out the hidden dirt particles.

When you have those stubborn ugly spots on your carpet area which refuse to clean make sure you repeat the rinsing process quite few times. Each time you rinse the area and apply the cleaning solution ensure that you suck out the solution entirely from the carpet surface. In case you do not suck out the solution your efforts to clean that ugly spot may go waste.

Another useful tip to clean the home carpets is to change the carpets placed near the house entrance with those which are placed much further away from it. As most of the dirt enters the house from the doors through the shoes its gets struck on the first possible surface your feet land on to. Regular switching of carpets will help the carpet to get less dirty and will be liable to get cleaner easily.

For best results it is always advisable to request a professional carpet cleaning company to inspect your carpet and decide which method would be best suited for desirable results.

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