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  • Published June 18, 2011
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When looking for the leaf blower that is right for you there are many important things to consider and luckily for you there are many fabulous options to choose from. Some of the industry's top sellers are the electric blower vac, the cordless leaf blower, the blower/sweeper, the handheld gas leaf blower and the back pack blower. Descriptions of each of these leaf blower models and an idea of their pros and cons can help you make that important decision of what is right for you. A leaf blower can also vary greatly in price depending on brands and place of purchase.

The electric blower vac is very powerful and has a variable-speed motor; it is lightweight and has very low maintenance costs. It is one of the best leaf blower models for an average-sized yard and because this leaf blower is powered by electricity it has more power than a gas or handheld leaf blower. If you are worried about how heavy it will be to tote around, this is one of the lightest options available. It is also very quiet and super convenient and you can use this leaf blower up to 150 feet from an outlet. Another great plus for this leaf blower is its option to vacuum leaves. It also chops them very finely so that you can use it for a long period of time without emptying the bag.

Next in line is the cordless leaf blower. This leaf blower is convenient because you can use it without the use of electricity for about 10 to 15 minutes before recharging the battery for several hours. It is very quiet and lightweight and may be the leaf blower for you if you want to quickly blow off the driveway or deck.

The blower/sweeper comes in electric or cordless. It is lightweight and some offer variable speeds. This leaf blower is conveniently used to sweep off patios or a small driveway. It does not however, vacuum leaves and is useful only on hard surfaces. These types of leaf blower models are fairly inexpensive and most will not come with the power cord.

The handheld gas leaf blower is a very powerful blower and is relatively lightweight although it is heavier than electric blowers. It contains rotation-control technology that helps the force of air to continue coming continuously and it has variable speed throttle and cruise control. It comes with a see-through tank that helps you know when you are running low on fuel. These models can be loud, and may not be the best model for communities with noise restrictions.

The last option is the backpack leafblower which is very powerful, but is also quiet. It has the variable-speed throttle and cruise control and is very lightweight and has an electronic ignition and can be perfect for homeowners with a big yard and lots of leaves. It is nice to have it strapped on your back to carry the weight and has the added bonus of starting very easily and is simple to handle and maneuver.

With all these great choices available you should have no problem choosing a leaf blower that is right for you.

Leaf Blower

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Leaf Blower

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