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  • Published June 18, 2011
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Power yard tools are great when it comes to tackling difficult and otherwise time-consuming tasks out in the yard. Using power yard tools can greatly reduce the amount of time, effort, and energy required to complete a chore out in the yard when compared to the alternative of using standard hand tools. However, using these mechanized tools can represent a danger to self and others if proper care is not taken to ensure that you are familiar with the tool and its safe operation.

Perhaps the first consideration of anyone using such yard tools should be whether or not they are adequately familiar with the tool in question. Before any operation takes place, make sure that you have read the operators' manual and are familiar with the basic rules of safe operation. Also, be sure to instruct any adolescents in the proper operation of these yard tools that represent a danger if used in an unsafe manner. Do not allow anyone who is unfamiliar or inexperienced with such yard tools to operate one in yard.

Another safety consideration for powered yard tools includes ensuring that they are used only in the proper situations. For instance, sometimes it can be tempting to use a chainsaw to cut through something other than organic material like a fallen tree. What begins as an innocent attempt to reduce work can turn into a tragic accident that stemmed from the misuse of yard tools. Don't make the mistake of using your yard tools for something they are not intended for. Doing so risks damage to your yard tools, or much worse, to yourself and those around you.

Though many people are many of avoiding any spinning or sharp parts when it comes to using power yard tools, they often neglect to use proper eye and ear protection. Some yard tools produce a great deal of noise so you'll want to ensure you use ear plugs or other hearing protection. Likewise, many yard tools involve removing or chopping yard material that could inadvertently get into your eyes, so proper eye protection is always recommended. In light of these hazards, please always wear the proper eye and ear protection when using power yard tools.

Safety should be a primary concern for anyone owning or operating yard tools that present hazards to the users. While these power yard tools provide a great advantage to the owner, extra precautions should be taken to ensure that they are used in a safe manner. First, make sure that only those that have experience or are otherwise qualified to use the yard tools are allowed to. Second, ensure that the tools are used only in the proper situation so as to avoid any unfortunate occurrence. Finally, be sure to wear the proper eye and ear protection that is needed to protect your eyes and ears. These tools can be a great help to the owner, and with the proper usage and protection, can be lifelong yard helpers.

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