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  • Published June 18, 2011
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The look of brick indoors came into vogue in a serious way around the 1980s. This was around the same time that graffiti art was gaining momentum and coolness, and punk-chic was still cool, but declining. There was a sense that the yuppies and the street kids existed alongside each other, and nearly every rec room, dorm room, bar or music venue they appeared in on television or in the movies had exposed brick somewhere in it. Some of this was the result of leftover building renovations, but some of it was just fashion. Now, people can use brick wall panels to achieve the cool brick look indoors.

The use of indoor bricks did not in any way go out in the 1980s. Instead it gained momentum and popularity as a motif. In the 90s, people started dressing in sleek all black outfits and modest pants suits, but they still preferred exposed bricks in their restaurants, nightclubs, art studios, and homes. The problem with real brick is that it is expensive to make, transport, and install, but brick wall panels give you the look of real brick without all of the hassle and expense. Brick wall panels are very reasonably priced so that anyone can use them to decorate in their homes. They come in many colors. Some are variations of reds, and some bring in browns and blacks as well.

If you are interested in installing brick wall panels in your house, the first thing you should do is an internet search to see what kind of vendors are out there and then determine what your options are. Some of these brick wall panels are more expensive than others. Some look more realistic, too. This is one area where you don't want to scrimp or cut corners. Cheap fake looking brick can be very tacky, but there are very affordable tactful, tasteful brick panels available for you to buy.

As mentioned above, recreation rooms are a great place for exposed brick. People seem to like to play pool or have a drink near exposed brick. Kitchens are also a place for exposed brick as they bring to mind pizzerias and tapas bars. If you are interested in this look, ask your decorator or go by yourself to comparison shop brick wall panels to get started on your dream project as soon as you can today.

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