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  • Author Kavin Carls
  • Published June 21, 2011
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Stellar goods offer a wide variety of spas for customers to choose from. Stellar Goods also offers the intensely popular Spa-n-a-box. The most exciting feature of the Spa-n-a-box is its portability. It is extremely affordable and incredibly easy to ship. Now you can easily afford to purchase luxurious hydrotherapy for your own home. You can have your own spa in a box at affordable price at Stellar Goods. Stellar goods provide portable spas at the most competitive rates on the market. Moreover Spa-n-a-box is made from extremely durable vinyl, the same vinyl that is used in white water rafting boats. Summer trips can be even more fun when you bring your own personal hot tub with you while RVing, camping, or visiting friends and family.

The Spa-n-a Box is hexagon in shape and constructed from faux redwood panels that is easy to assemble and carry without much effort. The luxurious Spa-n-a-box is truly portable and ships by UPS to the consumer’s front door in one convenient box. The spa’s modern design fits well into any backyard or patio. As with Stellar Good’s entire line of portable spas including the extremely popular Spa2Go and AiriSpa, no tools or special equipment is needed for the Spa-n-a-box. Simply establish the spa, fill with water, and plug into any standard household unit. It provides a built in filtering system as well as digital control to set the temperature. Don’t let the ease of set up fool you however, the Spa-n-a-box comes with a powerful heater that can warm the water to a soothing 104F and includes 127 air jets that will loosen tense knots and release you from the day’s stresses.

The Spa-n-a-Box has comfortable sitting arrangement that provides the best in hydrotherapy with barrier free seating. Imagine getting in your own portable hot tub after a hard day or work and having all your stress melt away. Perfect for lazy summer days or parties in your back yard! Spa-n-a-box is perfect anytime when family fun is a necessity. Forget expensive massages and communal sauna rooms as now you can experience stress relief all in the comfort and privacy of your home. Stellar Goods brings you the best price on the internet with price matching guarantee. Therefore, you may get relief from day to day stress by getting Spa-n-a-Box at your home.

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