The Best Tips on How to Buy Furniture Made of Oak

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  • Published June 22, 2011
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Before jumping right in and purchasing that stylish Cambridge oak cube that first caught your eye, it might be best to read on for some things you should consider before you buy furniture as well as some tips on how you can determine that the Bentley oak furniture you cannot wait to get your hands on is the real thing.

First, consider if you prefer furniture made out of solid oak or ones with just oak veneers. The main difference is that solid oak is exactly and literally what it is, solid chunks of pure oak crafted into a beautiful piece of furniture while oak veneers are sheets of oak attached onto another type of wood. The main advantages of veneers are a greater variety of designs that can be done with it and of course, sold at a lower price than furniture made out of solid oak. Do not expect them to last though because only solid oak furniture is proven to last a lifetime.

Another matter to consider is the kind of oak variety you prefer. Oak comes in red and white varieties. It is almost impossible to tell them apart if you are not an expert but here is a tip. The rays on a white oak are longer than ones of the red. You will have to look closely enough. There is not much difference to the two really, but white oak is known to be slightly more water resistant and more durable of the two. Now, this is really a matter of personal choice as both are beautiful and can withstand the test of time.

There are some ways on how you can distinguish solid oak furniture from ones made of veneers. For one, solid oak is extremely heavy because by nature it is a dense material. It is also more expensive so if you find two pieces of furniture with prices extremely far from each other, you can expect that the cheaper one is made out of veneer. Inspect the piece of furniture closely at the edges where veneer is most obvious. Look at all parts or pieces of the furniture, such as under and above the table and inside drawers. Solid oak furniture will have the same colour of stain and feel to it wherever you look at or touch it.

Next, test your furniture to ensure that the joints are stable and not wobbly. Sit on a chair or try to wiggle a table to see if the built is solid and safe. Once you test a piece of furniture out, without even having to do anything yet, you immediately know it is made out of the best quality. Look for the joints and observe if they are securely put together meaning there should be no gaps. If you are buying a piece of furniture with drawers, try sliding the drawers in and out to see if you could slide them easily enough.

As for the physical attributes, inspect the furniture closely if there are dents, gaps, holes, any warping or anything at all that looks weird. This is very important especially if you are purchasing an antique piece of furniture. Any damage or defect, no matter how small, can greatly depreciate the value of furniture.

Lastly, the easiest way to canvass pieces before you buy furniture is to compare prices online. In this way, you will have a rough idea on how much you will be cashing out. You can either buy furniture per piece while adding to it as you go on or buy them in sets if it is within your budget. Remember that oak furniture never comes cheap but is not too highly priced either. Its value is always within reason of its quality. It is bound to be passed on from many generations if taken care of correctly.

You may start with Bentley oak furniture popular for unparalleled quality and beauty of its designs from as far back as 1988 while Cambridge furniture is known for its contemporary pieces made with utmost quality and the traditional dovetail joints. Both ranges boast of an array of pieces that should beautifully adorn any part of your home from bedside tables to coffee table and wardrobe cabinets to full dining sets. Anything you can possibly need, they will surely have.

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