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  • Author David Khan
  • Published June 22, 2011
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As time progresses rapid changes in technology and industry has caused people to evolve at a phenomenal rate. The way they operate, the lifestyle as well as the day to day roles they lead is all changing. With respect to this what has changed the most is the hygiene aspect of it all. The way people wash and clean themselves is much more advanced than what it was 50 years ago. The industry market has seen massive advances in people purchasing luxuries such as cubicles.

When carrying out numerous surveys on the reasoning behind the upward trends in the purchases of cubicles there have been some key answers. Many people have suggested that the look of a cubicle in the bathroom makes the bathroom feel neat and tidier as it is 'tucked away' in the corner or against the wall. Some people agreed that for the messier person it was easy to see the actual mess on the floor they created which improved their overall cleaning abilities.

For those investors out there, the value of the property had increased as the bathroom was now seen as a key selling point for the house. The shower cubicle had created a lot of interest not only to the buyers but also to the other viewers who said that they needed to get a cubicle installed in their bathroom to increase the value of the property, before selling.

A lot of people agreed that a cubicle gave their bathroom that luxury feel that they always wanted. They can now wash away in peace and comfort. With the range of cubicles available to them when purchasing as well as low cost replacement parts makes the shower cubicle a much needed purchase. Those that like to feel refreshed in the morning agreed that a shower cubicle can achieve this as they feel more hygienic and fresh.

For the money savers, they worked out that a shower in a cubicle was saving them approximately six times more water than a bath would. Also, their time spent in a shower cubicle was a lot less than the time took to run a bath, have a bath and so forth.

Overall, the reasoning for moving forward from the traditional bath towards a shower cubicle was pretty conclusive. The advantages of having a shower cubicle installed in your bathroom, completely outweighs the benefits of having a bath. For this reason, the human population have moved towards the shower cubicle

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