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  • Author David Khan
  • Published June 22, 2011
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Designer shower doors are one of the 'must have' features for most households in this modern era. There are many different features and doors to choose from so it is important before purchasing a door you make a list of your expectancies.

A designer door will increase the available space within the bathroom as well as acting as a complete wall against shower water. The doors are sealed around the edges with high quality sealant products that prevent the door from leaking. Inevitably, this protects the floor from water keeping it dry. In any bathroom dryness is important as stagnant moist water in the bathroom increases the chances of moulds and bacteria multiplying. With a clean dry bathroom you are improving your health as well as the look and feel of the bathroom.

Many designer doors can be added to a shower enclosure regardless of whether there is a shower tray or not. This is ideal for people looking to change or upgrade, in the future, from a shower enclosure with a tray to a wet room. Many of the modern designer shower enclosures are really easy to install whether it is a shower enclosure with a shower tray you are looking to install or a shower enclosure come wet room.

What separates traditional shower doors and modern designer doors is the steam proof door screen which enables you to see out into the bathroom. This feature stops you feeling claustrophobic and enclosed within the cubicle. Also, most of the modern designer shower doors come with a lifetime guarantee, which proves a long term investment as you won't need to update. They are also typically equipped with heavy duty hinges and brackets to prevent rust and breakages, unlike traditional doors.

Designer shower doors add style as well as a luxury feel to your bathroom. There are many varieties of shower doors to choose from. These include Bi-fold, Sliding, Burning and Yatch sliding doors. Many of the features discussed above are encompassed in these modern designer doors.

To conclude this, a shower door that can keep the bathroom dry maintaining its hygiene levels is a worthwhile investment. In addition to this, you will be adding the value to your bathroom and the value to your overall property. You will be the envy of your family and friends as your shower door will be the topic of conversation. So don't be left behind and get yourself a designer door in your home today.

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