Shower Doors and the Day to Day Problems We Face

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  • Published June 22, 2011
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Shower doors cause many households a lot of problems on a day to day basis. The more of you in your household the more frequent these problems occur as often the shower enclosure is in constant use. Many households experience the build-up of dirt in the track as well as mould and debris. Often this causes the door to jam, derail or even stop sliding if it is a sliding shower door you possess.

Many shower doors, especially the hinged types, experience a lot of rust building up as well as high pitched squeaking as it open and closes. Many glass doors are fragile and cause a lot of problems with breakages at the slightest of touches.

There are certain tasks you can carry out on a regular basis to make sure your door is working properly all the time. It is important to clean your shower enclosure on a regular basis especially around the edges of the door as this is where all the problems occur. Cleaning away the mould, debris and all the other inhibitors from around the door will help improve the functionality of your door as well as remove any germs that can cause health problems in the near future.

After showering a quick wipe around the shower, especially around the shower track will help prevent water building up and rusting the shower track. If the shower track has rust built upon it already, try to clean it off with steel wool or a small wire brush. If the rust has gone too far and the track is irreparable it may be wise to source a reputable shower door company as a last resort.

If you have a hinged door and you are experiencing high pitched squeaking as it open and closes or rust then you need to address this. This simplest way is to take the door off and either clean or treat the hinge with the correct brushes and creams. Another Idea, which may be a worthwhile investment as well as saving time, would be to quickly replace the hinges and hang the door back up. Glass shower doors should be replaced with a fibreglass doors where possible or if it breaks. These types of shower doors are not as fragile and have more flexibility in them.

In conclusion, many shower doors and shower enclosures can be preserved for many years with a little bit of due care and attention. This requires regular cleaning and replacing where necessary with good quality products provided by reputable companies.

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