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  • Published June 22, 2011
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Many people who have a shower enclosure installed in their bathroom fail to understand the importance of keeping it clean. With a bit of attention you could transform your bathroom and bring it back to its original state. Here are some important reasons why you should keep your shower cubicle clean and avoid all the nasty elements that are eating away at your bathroom.

Bathrooms provide the perfect environment for germs and bacteria to multiply at a phenomenal rate. The damp and moist corners of your shower enclosure invite both mould and grime to build up and take over. Not only will this affect how your shower cubicle looks it will also affect your health as well as the impression of people visiting your home. Think about it, if you walked into someone's home, whether it be family or friends what would your impression of them be when entering the bathroom and noticing this untidiness. What you want is a nice clean looking bathroom with a gleaming enclosure.

To help reduce the mould and bacteria in your bathroom you need to search for a good bathroom cleaner, which doesn't have to be too expensive, to clean it with. Spread the bathroom cleaner on a cloth or pad, with a bit of elbow grease scrub over the mouldy areas. Then apply some glass cleaner to the shower enclosure and chamois over the glass to give it a sparkling finish.

To help prevent a damp moist environment it is essential that a good airflow is maintained in the bathroom. To increase the amount of air getting into the bathroom, it may be a good idea to install an air extractor fan. However, don't think that by increasing the airflow into the bathroom you can avoid cleaning the shower enclosure as the shower cubicle will not clean itself. With little regular due care and attention you can have your shower enclosure transformed back to looking as good as new.

Shower enclosure features such as the chrome plated parts and handles also need to be cleaned on a regular basis. These probably require a bit more effort initially to restore the look as they require much more of a shine to look clean.

All in all, it is essential that your shower cubicle is kept clean and tidy. Failing to do so may pose you with a few problems down the line. Not only could it damage your credibility amongst your family and friends, your health may be affected as well as the value of your bathroom.

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