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  • Published June 22, 2011
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There are many components you can choose from to build the 'so called' best looking shower enclosure. However, what looks good is not always the most robust. What this article will try to ensure is that you get a balance of what shower enclosure components look good as well as been robust. This article will also point out what shower components need to be avoided when building the 'best' shower enclosure.

Selecting an Acrylic Tray

There is no doubt about it that acrylic trays are the best type of tray that you can use when building a shower enclosure. However, even with this type of tray there are many features about individual acrylic trays that you need to be made aware of.


It is vital that the acrylic shower tray you choose to buy is made purely from acrylic from outside in. Many companies try to sell you an acrylic type that isn't 100% acrylic. Often acrylic bases are made from acrylic sheets on the outside and the inside is made from ABS, a common thermoplastic. This type of shower tray will be of poorer quality making it subject to cracking. Make sure that you find out what the tray is made of before you buy.


Acrylic trays come in the colour white. However, it is easy to distinguish between the more expensive tray and the least expensive tray. The tray that has a very bright gleaming white finish is the sign that the base is made from poor quality acrylic. A standard white coloured base that is flame retardant often means that the shower tray is made from high quality acrylics.


Acrylic shower tray prices vary somewhat considerably. There are many companies that sell low quality acrylic trays at cheap prices, just to get the sale. Other companies do offer high quality acrylic shower trays but sell them at a much higher price. Prices for a tonne of acrylic can vary anything from £777 per tonne to £1,035 per tonne and this is obviously factored in to the price of the acrylic shower tray when they are selling them.

Fibreglass and Reinforcement

Located at the base of nearly all acrylic shower trays you will find that fibreglass has been added for strengthening. Some companies that are trying to save money often add much more resin into the fibreglass and not enough fibre. This is regarded as a low quality fibreglass which will discolour and fracture overtime.

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