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  • Published June 23, 2011
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Vermiculite naturally occurs in nature and when you heat the mineral at a high temperature, the flakes begin to expand 8 to 30 times of its original size. The vermiculite that is expanded is fire-resistant, lightweight and odorless and can be used for wall insulation and attic insulation.

A high percentage of vermiculate that was sold from 1919 to 1990 in the United States was in a mine in Libby, Montana that contained asbestos. The asbestos contaminated the vermiculite and it was used in vermiculite insulation in the United States. If you home has vermiculite insulation, you must assume the mineral is contaminated. You must protect yourself, your family and others exposed to asbestos and vermiculite.

Vermiculite Insulation and Health Risks

Asbestos is highly toxic and can cause cancer and other dangerous diseases. Fibers from asbestos must be airborne in order for it to cause a potential health risk by inhaling the fumes. It is recommended that you do not disturb asbestos products since it can releases airborne fibers. If you try to remove or disturb vermiculite, it is possible to inhale those asbestos fibers. Do not try to get rid of the vermiculite yourself. Always call a professional.

Vermiculite is generally safe to use, however, any vermiculite used after the year 1990 has been contaminated with some asbestos fibers. Some things you can do to make the vermiculite process much easier is to not store items or boxes in vermiculite insulated attics. Never allow your children to play in attics that are vermiculite insulated. Never remove vermiculite yourself. Always hire a professional if you are the process of remodeling your home or about to conduct home renovation that could disturb vermiculite insulated walls and attics.

According to the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, advises individuals with vermiculite insulated homes or businesses to assume these places have been contaminated and you must find a way to eliminate the problem. Templar Mould will help you with your vermiculite insulation. If your house is over 20 years old and suspect it may have vermiculite insulation, contact Templar Mould immediately for expert advice.

Vermiculite Insulation Inspection

Templar Mould has one of the most effective and safe services regarding vermiculite analysis and removal. Templar Mould analyses the home or business with vermiculite insulation and then tests for asbestos exposure. They determine the amount of contamination and recommend the appropriate action to remove the insulation from your home or business.

Templar Mould only hires certified and trained I.I.C.R.C., IARC, NACHI asbestos professionals. These professionals have 10 years or more experience in removing vermiculite insulation. Templar Mould professionals seal all contaminated areas in your business or home to keep you and your family and other people exposed to asbestos safe at all times. Advanced tools are used to quickly remove the contamination from your home or business. Vermiculite insulation can be eliminated.

The inspection is conducted by a qualified and trained asbestos inspector that determines the amount of asbestos in your home or workplace for quick removal. The second step of this process is an analysis. The analysis determines the best method to remove the asbestos by air testing and air sampling your home or workplace. The third step is removal. Asbestos removal is done in a clean and safe way without any interruptions in your house or place of business.

Get Vermiculite Insulation for your home.

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