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  • Published June 23, 2011
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When you live in a year-round hot climate, even an Energy Star air conditioner can produce higher utility costs. If you are serious about savings and being environmentally conscience, there are some steps you can take in order to ramp up your energy efficiency. Daily rituals to get the heat out of the house at night, and keep it out during the day, could mean drastic changes in your utility bills.

A good tip on saving on energy costs even with an Energy Star air conditioner is to get all of the hot air out during the night. If you live in a two story home, open all of the windows in the downstairs, and utilize large fans in the upstairs window to suck large volumes of hot air out of the top floor. You can even run kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to ventilate out hot, stuffy air. The house should be cool by 1 a.m. if you combine all of these suggestions. In the morning, sealing all of the windows and doors will help keep all of the cool air inside.

An Energy Star air conditioner is a great tool to keep things cool while saving in energy costs. Keeping all the doors and windows shut during peak hot hours will eliminate hot air entering the home and so your air conditioner will not have to work so hard. Keeping humid air out will also help keep the temperature down. Keeping curtains and blinds drawn when you run your Energy Star air conditioner will prevent the heat of the sunlight from becoming too overwhelming.

Another tip to follow is to prevent using heat sources, such as ovens and lights, from being used during the day. The Energy Star air conditioner has enough heat to battle without these things being used while it's running. Summer is a great time to eat lots of cold fruits and salads, which are not only healthy, but take no heat to make. However, if you want a hot meal, a microwave heats food up great without heating your house. Your Energy Star air conditioner is a great investment that will save you money during the hot summer months when combined with other smart practices.

Replacing incandescent and halogen light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs will not only save on energy costs, but also be easier on your Energy Star air conditioner. Halogens and incandescent lights convert most of their energy to heat which can make your air conditioner work harder. Instead of using an oven, an outdoor barbeque is not only fun, but will keep the indoor of your home cool.

If you happen to live in an area with year-round heat, you may want to consider the benefits of installing an outdoor kitchen. Your Energy Star air conditioner will be pleased at the fact that it will not have to battle extra heat from cooking. By following these simple energy saving tasks, you can save up to 35 dollars a month in cooling costs, on top of what you are already saving.

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