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  • Author Joseph Stevenson
  • Published June 23, 2011
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There are a lot of window cleaning companies in Las Vegas that claim to be the best. The ones that actually are the best are the ones that are voted there by you the consumer. The problem is with so many resources online that allow window cleaning companies to pay to be listed in Las Vegas directories it is difficult to cut through the bad companies and see which ones are honestly good companies.

A few tricks can help you determine if a window cleaning company is a good choice are as follows:

  • Is the company licensed, insured and bonded? Although these are items that are generally easy to obtain, legitimate companies will always be happy to provide them to you.

  • Does the company seem genuinely happy you called and treat you like you are their best client? A lot of companies feel entitled to your business so when you call for a quote they will at some times seem almost annoyed that you called and somewhat snooty. I never understand these companies but if you run into one get as far away from them as you can.

  • Does the company wear uniforms when they come out to give you a bid? Uniforms show pride in a company so if the company you have come out has a nice clean uniform on you will know they take pride in their work and their company.

  • Is the company willing to work with you on price? Some prices will not be negotiable due to insurance requirements and companies needing to make at least some profit on a job. However if you discuss frequency and lighter cleanings most companies that are legitimate should be very willing to work with you on a price reduction.

These are a few items to look for when hiring a company to clean your windows in Las Vegas. Now once you have actually had them come out and are trying to determine if you should have them back consider some of the following:

  • Was the company respectful of your property and aware of their surroundings? Weather you are having your home or business cleaned you expect it to be in better shape when the cleaners leave than before they arrive (that is why you hired a window cleaning company in Las Vegas). If the company shows up with dirty clothes on and they look and smell like they haven’t bathed in a few weeks you might have a good cause to worry about the quality of work they will produce.

  • Did the company provide an invoice for work? Sometimes window cleaning companies in Las Vegas will try to "forget" their invoices and hope you don’t want one. They do this so they can just pocket the cash they get and not pay taxes on it. Make sure the company you use provides you with a receipt, you can’t write it off if they don’t.

  • Was the company courteous and kind while cleaning your premises? The company should have treated you like a king or queen while performing your agreed upon window cleaning services. If they did not provide a good attitude with a good cleaning you might want to look elsewhere.

Although these are just a few items to look for when you are hiring a window cleaner in Las Vegas be sure to keep a good eye out and just pay attention to the basics. Companies that are generally good will be friendly, clean, honest and willing to bend over backwards for you the client. If a company you are going to hire does not do these things for you then move on to the next one who is willing to.

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