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  • Published June 23, 2011
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If someone has ever been in a setting where mechanical equipment is being used, they probably have noticed just how many cords keep that equipment running. All this electrical equipment needs power cords to get power to them. They can be even be running from one piece of the equipment to another. This creates a mess that is hard not to notice. Not to mention what a tripping hazard it becomes.

With so many of them running through offices and warehouses, manufactures decided something had to be done. Trying to maintain a little order in their operations, the coiled cord was created. They allow the same functionality without the mess. They also make it easier to sweep and clean floors around the equipment.

Coiled cords are created in ten and twenty foot increments. The internal metal conductor material is formed around a tube to create a spiral form. Then there is a layer of insulation wrapped around the conductor and finally, a protective coating is applied. The spiral form makes it easy to stretch them out for use and then they easily recoil for storage. This helps to eliminate the dangling lines.

Many pieces of equipment that need power can use these cords. One might find them on auto mechanic equipments, medical equipment or musical instruments like guitars. The first recognized coiled cords were probably on land lines. These cords made it possible for the user to move from one room to another by stretching the phone to where they wanted to be. Today, they can also be found on toys or computer equipment.

Space saving is one of the more desirable features of the coiled cord. It takes up less room than the original cord, yet they can have the same length. Just use care when stretching the cord out, as no to pull it to far damaging the cord.

There are some downfalls to using coiled cords. While they are space conscious, they are also much heavier than straight cords. There also is a safety hazard if not used properly. If they get stretched to far, they can spring back. This can cause to damage to anything in their way, or the possibly injury if someone is nearby.

There are a number of companies that sale these cords today. One can also have them made with their own specifications. If a cleaner, more orderly work area is what someone is looking to create, the use of coiled cords may be exactly what they need.

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