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  • Author Julianne Hiltz
  • Published June 23, 2011
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One of the exciting things about preparing for a baby is decorating the nursery. Many parents want to create a warm, intimate space to spend time with their newest family member. However, they are apprehensive about going through the labor intensive task of painting knowing they might want to repaint in a few years when their child grows up. Removable decals stickers, which mimic the look of paint, are a perfect way to personalize a nursery.

Nursery wall decals are an affordable, simple way to decorate. They are easy to apply by simply peeling the paper off and sticking it to the wall. The stickers can be repositioned if they are placed on incorrectly or crooked the first time. There is no longer any need to deal with messy paint and stencil kits. When the baby gets older and the time comes to redecorate the nursery, the stickers will come off easily, with no need to repaint. Decal stickers are also a great choice for those living in rental properties that are unable to paint their walls.

It is fun to decorate with wall stickers. They can add attractive accents and finishing touches to a room that will make it look like it was designed by a professional. Nursery wall decals are also customizable, allowing complete control over the look of the room. Parents can add the child name or monogram for a personalized look. Vinyl wall stickers can also create adorable themes like the jungle, butterflies, nighttime, animals or a traditional boy or girl theme. Sweet baby quotes can be added for a special touch.

Babies grow up so fast, and soon they will have outgrown their nursery. When the time comes to redecorate the room for the grown child or welcome a new baby, the decals stickers will peel right off without damaging the walls. Some can even be reused in other rooms or in craft projects.

Decals stickers are the hottest trend in decorating giving everyone, even those who are not artistically inclined, the ability to create a beautiful, designer look for their nursery affordability.

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