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  • Author Kathryn Dawson
  • Published June 23, 2011
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Traditionally, the front door of a home has been considered the first impression of those who reside behind it. It makes sense, since it is the focus of our attention as we walk up the driveway or path to the house, expecting to meet someone after we knock. The truth is, it does not matter whether the front door is made of solid oak or is one of the vast range of composite doors uk consumers have grown so fond of, the door itself says a lot.

There can be no surprise then that so much effort is put into finding the right door for the facade of a home. But there are, of course, factors to consider before the actual door is chosen. It is not just about the desired effect, or the its aesthetic quality, it is also about the more practical aspects. For example, that the door blends with the upvc windows of the house or with the rest of the lean to conservatory that adjoins the front of the house.

A great advantage of doors that are composite is the ability for consumers to design them for themselves. As a composite, the pieces can be assembled together, which means that the style of door frontage, windows, door knobs or handles can all be chosen in a full range of colours and finishes. This is important to any individual who wishes to have a specific door to match the overall aesthetic look of the exterior of the house. A person might be forced to search for the right pre constructed door for weeks, with visits to a large number of companies, before finally finding what they need.

Of course, getting the colour right and finding a suitable design of door, is just part of the task. The actual glass in the door also needs to match the expectations of the home owner. This is another part of the designing process and allows a personal touch. Windows can be any number of shapes and sizes in a door. The chartsworth door, for example, has two parallel panes on the top half of the door, the hathersage is similar but with two small square panes above each long pane. These panes can be decorated with diamonds or floral shapes, and even with stained glass.

Other advantages lie in the level of security and convenience that these doors provide. In terms of the latter, because doors that are composite are made of upvc, they are very easy to clean, with a simple wipe of a damp cloth usually all that is necessary to remove dirt. They are also highly durable, with weather conditions having practically no effect on them, and a very high level of insulation to keep heat in and cold draughts out. In fact, most composite doors have as much as six times the heat retention level of a solid timber door.

In terms of security, these doors come with the most modern lever locks available already installed. These lever locks offer a locking system that comprises several locking bolts engaging at different points around the door. Obviously, this is considered to be far more effective in terms of home security than the more usual locks, which can be easily picked. Also, the strength of the door itself, and security bars to prevent jemmying, ensures that it is difficult to forcibly break in through the door.

The versatility of these doors makes it possible to match them with practically any structure, and with any other prominent features of a house. This is an especially helpful factor when it comes to upvc conservatories, where a door that contrasts with the rest of the structure is an eyesore. Whether it is Victorian or Edwardian in design, or a more simple lean to conservatory, doesn't matter, since the upvc frame used in the construction of the extension will be easily matched by a upvc door.

There is no doubt that, when it comes to composite doors, uk consumers can see the advantages they provide, not least the opportunity to get the specific style desired. With security, variety and affordability all synonymous with them, a home can be kept safe with a new door that blends seamlessly with existing upvc windows and other features, and at an affordable price.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Eurocell, a manufacturer of quality UPVC profiles for upvc windows and composite doors uk at reasonable prices.

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