When Installing A Swimming Pool, Set Aside Funds For These Extras

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  • Published June 23, 2011
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A swimming pool is a great luxury to have if you do a lot of entertaining. Being near a pool seems to naturally relax people and put them at ease. When you install a pool, however, you often have to populate your garden with other things to give it that perfect pool side ambience.

But, a bare concrete swimming pool is one of the least aesthetic things to have in your garden. So, one of the things that you will have to do is design and install landscaping. If you surround it with the right bushes, plants, and other landscaping, it can become a virtual mecca.

A professional landscaper can help you to choose the perfect plants to position around your pool. Basically, however, you want three things. You want plants that are compatible with the design of your home. You want low allergy friendly plants - ones that are less likely to cause allergic reactions to your family and guests. And, you want plants that don't require lots of irrigation. Some of the more succulent or cactus plants might be perfect choices.

You also want patio chairs so your guests can sit beside the pool and simply enjoy being next to the water. Patio chair covers also come in handy. They extend the life of the chairs by protecting them from the wear and tear of the elements. And, for the pool itself, you want pool floats and loungers where people can actually float in the water while enjoying a nice cold beverage.

If you still have money left over after installing your swimming pool and putting in your landscaping, one nice thing to invest in is a changing area. Basically, this could be a simple garden building which you simply rename as a changing area. It might cost as much as $2,000 to $4,000. Or, if you want to go all out, you could opt to install a one or two person bathroom and shower. However, if you go this route, expect to double or triple your cost, due to plumbing and, possibly, electrical issues.

And, lastly, you will want to invest in one or more structures to hide all of your pool equipment. You don't want your vacuums, pumps, heaters, and the like out in the open giving a cluttered look to your pool area. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive shed for this purpose. Look around a bit and you will be able to find some really nice sheds, with beautiful wood exteriors that fit in with practically any decor. And, don't overlook pre-fab sheds as you can find some for really good prices.

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