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  • Published June 23, 2011
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The economic recession hasn't been improving lately and that means a lot of us are still on a budget. Fortunately, there are many high quality and low price flooring options available to you if you live in the Concord, NC area. Whether you're looking for carpet, laminate and/or tile flooring, Concord, NC is a great place to find a cheaper version of what you're looking for. This article will discuss some budget-friendly types of flooring that can give your home the look you want for less.

Not all of the carpet flooring Concord, NC has to offer is the same. There are three basic types of carpeting: woven, tufted and needlefelt. Woven carpets tend to be the most expensive of the three because they require a lot more work to make. Tufted carpets are the most regularly bought carpets and tend to be a lot cheaper than woven carpets. Nylon and polyester are the cheapest fabric for carpet flooring in Concord, NC and have notable features such as being stain-resistant and waterproof. This eliminates most of the difficulties that come with maintaining carpet flooring. Not to mention nylon is a recyclable material, so it's good for the environment as well as your wallet. It's important the remember that carpet flooring in Concord, NC is a good investment because it will last a long time and improve the value of your home when you plan to sell it in the future.

The laminate flooring Concord, NC has available will always be a cheap alternative to tile flooring in Concord, NC. This is because laminate flooring is easier to make, easier to install and is made from cheaper, synthetic materials. Laminate flooring in Concord, NC can be installed over essentially any surface and has similar features to tile flooring. The laminate flooring Concord, NC offers can be just as aesthetically appealing as tile flooring and comes in many different styles and colors you can choose from. Laminate flooring is also typically easier to clean because it doesn't have the crevices that tile flooring has. It is also durable and scratch-resistant, which makes it perfect for high traffic, chaotic areas of the house such as the kitchen.

The tile flooring in Concord, NC isn't going to be as cheap as laminate flooring; however, there are cheaper ways of going about getting tile flooring that can ease the expense. Ceramic tiles are a cheap alternative to expensive tiling materials such as marble and granite, yet they still possess many of the attractive qualities of these other tiles. Glass tile flooring in Concord, NC is something you would want to avoid since glass can tend to be really expensive for the material itself as well as the difficult installation process. Although glass does last longer, it's not a good choice for someone on a budget. You'll want to avoid porcelain tile flooring as well since porcelain is the most expensive type of tile you can get. Another budget-friendly option for tile flooring that Concord, NC offers is terracotta tiles. Terracotta tiles give your floor a unique look because terracotta is a natural material that provides a subtle difference to each tile.

Most everyone is on some kind of budget right now, but the definition of a budget isn't quite the same for everyone. If your budget is stricter than most, it would probably be best to go with the cheapest options discussed in the article. If you have a little leeway on your budget, you can probably extend yourself a little further, while still doing it the smart way by researching first.

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