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  • Published June 23, 2011
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Many residents really enjoy living in their cities of Alexandria and Arlington, VA. Alexandria abuts the Potomac River and is only a few minutes away from Washington D.C. Arlington is located across from the Potomac River and Washington D.C. They enjoy all the wonderful theatres, events, restaurants and shops. Whenever it is time for the residents to spruce up their homes, the first thing they like to do is to shop in Northern Virginia at flooring stores.

Alexandria and Arlington are located in Northern Virginia and have a great variety of flooring stores. Residents have many options in choosing what type of flooring they want to purchase. They can choose from carpet, hardwood, tile and have many more options. A lot of them like carpet. It keeps their feet warm on chilly mornings.

Carpet pads

One of the most important things that customers need to do in purchasing carpet, is to buy good quality carpet pads. Many do not realize the important role that a carpet pad plays on the life of the carpet flooring when they buy it in Alexandria or Arlington, VA. The carpet pad is the layer between the original flooring and the carpet. A good quality pad will make the carpet feel more comfortable, will help the carpet last longer and will help lessen the amount of stains on the carpet.

The thickness of the carpet pad will determine how the carpet will feel when walked on. A carpet flooring that feels hard as cement does not have enough thickness in the pad. It will not be comfortable. A carpet flooring that feels like the customer is walking on a soft cushion is very pleasing. In Alexandria, VA carpet flooring that has the correct thickness of carpet padding can be purchased. Also, the padding protects the carpet from sharp and abrasive materials that are on the original floor below. It can help keep moisture that might develop on the original flooring, from getting the carpet flooring in Alexandria, VA damp or moldy.

The stores in Alexandria and Arlington, VA have carpet choices that will make many customers happy. What makes them feel really good when they finally make that purchase is that the salesperson explained to them everything they needed to know about the carpet they bought.

Name brand carpets

There are many name brands to choose from when shopping in Arlington, VA for carpet. Some of them are Beaulieu, Karastan, Mohawk, Shaw and Lees. They offer top of the line carpets at reasonable prices. These carpets can last for 20 years, if maintained properly.

Types of carpet fiber

There are different types of carpet on the market today. Customers who are shopping for carpet in Arlington, VA can choose what type of carpet fiber they want. These fibers can consist of Acrylic, Wool, Polyester, Olefin or Nylon, to name a few. Acrylic is man-made and is inexpensive. It does not hold up well to areas that receive large amounts of foot traffic. Wool looks and feels really terrific. It is very expensive and tends to fray and holds in moisture. Polyester does not hold up well in high foot traffic areas and it can fade if exposed to sunlight. Nylon is extremely popular for use in residential homes. It is very durable, does great in heavy foot traffic and resists moisture and staining in home that choose carpet flooring in Alexandria, VA. Olefin is highly desirable in commercial buildings. The sun does not fade it and it holds up well in high foot traffic areas.

When purchasing flooring in Northern Virginia, stores have extremely knowledgeable salespeople. They work really hard at understanding their customers' budgets, wants and needs to ensure that they made the right flooring purchase.

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