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  • Published July 15, 2011
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A dog or a cat makes an excellent companion on lonely business trips, and fortunately, pets are allowed by most corporate housing providers. Some properties implement breed restrictions and others require pet interviews, though. Attending obedience classes with your dog will be beneficial, especially for a pet interview.

If you own a more aggressive breed of dog, you may find it easier to rent a private furnished property rather than renting corporate housing at an apartment complex. Your provider should be able to assist you in such situations.

Finding a space that will accommodate a pet is only part of the challenge; there’s also the move itself. Here are some tips to help you get your pet from one place to another without stressing him out unnecessarily:

*If you’ll be traveling by car, take your dog or cat on shorter trips first to gauge his anxiety. You can then speak with your vet if you feel that your pet will have to be tranquilized.

*Never leave your pet alone in a parked car – it can heat up to 160 degrees in a minute. The heat can cause brain damage, stroke, or even death.

*Make sure your dog remains in the backseat at all times (but never in the bed of a pickup truck) as passenger side airbags can harm him. Additionally, don’t let your dog stick his head out the window – he can be injured by debris particles or get sick from having cold air forced into his lungs.

*To help a pet with motion sickness, bring ice cubes. These are easier on the stomach than water.

*If flying, see to it that your pet’s crate is clearly marked with all your contact information, and that the animal is wearing a collar with a tag and rabies tag.

*Ask your current vet for a reference of a good animal clinic near your new home. Always carry both clinics’ numbers so you’ll be prepared for emergencies.

*Ensure your dog or cat has all the necessary vaccinations and that you have their documentations. Most hotels and some corporate housing providers require a certificate of health from your vet.

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