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Home air filters play a major role in the ventilation system of a house.

Filters used in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems are known as HVAC filters. Indoor air pollution is one of the most harmful forms of pollution affecting every individual. Air filters help in reducing air pollutants like dust, smoke and pollen in a particular area keeping the air clean.

Working Of Home Air Filters:

Home air filters draw the air within the room which consists of various particles and pollutants like fabric, particles of human skin, pollen, insect droppings and so on. All these particles are caught in the filter as the air passes through. The air is then heated or cooled and then thrown back into the area of the house through a number of ducts in the system.

There is a filter even at the air exhaust to prevent any further pollutant from going back into the area. This way filters are the major barriers which help clean the air of any kind of polluting particles. Since many kinds of pollutants get stuck to the filters during this process, they need to be cleaned and replaced regularly to maintain the efficiency of the system.

Types of Air Filters:

*Deep Pleated: They are used in special heating and cooling systems and are 5" to 6" deep. They have a reusable frame but the media should be replaced at least once a year.

*Reusable: They can be washed and reused every month. They are 1" deep. They have a longer life and are more expensive.

*Flat: They are made of cotton of 1" deep size and are disposable. They can capture smaller particles. They need to be changed every two to three months.

*Polyester or fiberglass: They are cheap and disposable. They capture larger particles and protect the heating and cooling system. They are available in 1" deep size.

*Electronic cleaner: They run on electricity and are permanently fixed in the heating and cooling system. They are very efficient and expensive as well.

There are many varieties of residential air filters available in the market for use in the home and garden area as well. These can be both in movable and permanent form. Furnace filters and dust filters are also popular choices for home ventilation especially to keep away allergies and asthma caused by pollutants. There are many people who claim that they benefit from such filters although there is no scientific proof that the usage of an air filter can help keep away such diseases directly.

When the level of pollutants in the air is lesser, air borne diseases can definitely be controlled to a great extent inside the house. Commercial air filters are also similar in function but much larger in scale of application. Purolator filters are one of the popular choices for such applications.

Home air filters are quite effective in keeping pollutants away and efficiently clean the air. Their efficiency can be affected by the increasing level of pollutants during varying weather conditions. It is essential to maintain and clean them regularly and replace the filters whenever necessary.

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