Blue Bloods Episodes Bring The Most Staunch Law-Abiding Citizen of Small Screen!

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  • Published August 2, 2011
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Blue Bloods, the TV series is simply amazing. It’s because the thought-provoking methods of policemen at domestic and professional front has been perfectly blended together, by the creators of the show. The most fascinating thing about this police methodical drama is that it gives us a chance to catch the exciting lives of the Reagans. It is indeed a matter of pride, when a family shows such dedication towards the same profession. While viewing the engaging episodes of the show, it is noticeable that the family head Francis "Frank" Reagan, has made his children quite competent as responsible police officers of NYPD.

In this multigenerational show, the protagonists serves the society rather than the corrupt authorities. Perhaps, this is the main reason of his defamation by those, who run the country. He, with his children take it on themselves when it comes to fighting the system. In fact, Danny, the elder son of the Reagans’ goes to the extent of breaking laws to save others!

Their love for motherland is their biggest weakness, and they can go to any extent to protect their country. You can watch Blue Bloods online to witness their entirely different, yet entertaining way of handling criminals. I always catch such engaging shows via internet portals, as internet gives me the liberty to explore more about the show.

Reagens’ dedication is visible in their daily lives. Danny, cannot focus anywhere else, when he is on duty. He is an absolutely responsible cop; and performs his duties well, as the head of the department. His heroic endeavors in the Iraq war were truly commendable. If we talk about his personal life, he is the better half of Linda. His smart strategies and unconventional ways are quite useful for any complicated case. I’m sure that you have witnessed his unique case-solving methods, while perusing through Blue Bloods episodes, back to back!

The other important member of this family is none other than Jamie, who is truly loyal to the customs of his family. He is a newly-budding cop, who has just completed his studies from a famous law school in order to help his family in their mission.

In Blue Bloods, the other remarkable character is Erin Reagan-Boyle. She brings even the hard-core criminals to justice. She is the only woman in the family, and her married life is complicated. She fights bravely against all the social, personal and emotional issues. The most commendable thing about this show is that all the law-enforcers are quite good at balancing their personal and professional lives. Keep viewing the engaging episodes to witness these smart detectives!

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