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Teenage is a distinct phase in an individual’s life, when one progresses from a childish thought process to a more mature mindset. Degrassi focuses on the trials and tribulations of teenagers, as they begin to decipher life through their own perspective. This Canadian teen drama was premiered on 14 October, 2001, on Canada CTV. The popularity and success of its various episodes can be gauged from the fact that it has rolled out ten seasons, with some of its characters covering an entire journey from being a student to playing the role of a teacher or mentor or parents of students at Degrassi.

The stars of the show include Shane Kippel, Stefan Brogren, Miriam McDonald, Hazel Aden, Jimmy Brooks, Ashley Kerwin and many others. You may Watch Degrassi online on a reliable website to relish the performances of these stars. One will find the characters juggling with some of the common teenage issues such as sex, romance, drug addiction, gang violence, teenage pregnancy, homosexuality etc.

Degrassi is a spin-off of the Degrassi franchise, the creative output of Linda Schuyler. Its predecessors on the tube include Kids on Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High and School's Out. Due to wide-spread popularity of the series and its appealing characters, the show is now available online.

A character named Kippel was originally depicted as the school bully, who in the subsequent seasons goes on to become a rebel and a rocker. Stefan Brogren is a major pillar of the Degrassi series. From playing the role of a teenage student to enacting a media teacher, he has done everything. Miriam McDonald portrays the character of Emma Nelson as an adolescent, as well as an adult. Her persona seems to exude the feeling of rebellion and ‘break all rules’, a tendency commonly attributed to youngsters. Thus, it’s not uncommon to spot her making arrangements for protests and boycotts. If you follow the Degrassi episodes religiously, you’ll have seen the evolution a character goes through, due to the unavoidable challenges surrounding it.


Degrassi has attracted a lot of criticism as well, due to controversial topics forming the crux of the show. Though the feel of the series has been very much Canadian in terms of presentation of culture, yet the serial has been ill-fated to face petitions to get Degrassi off air.

The show has been nominated as well as awarded several times in the past. The kitty of Degrassi flaunts Award for Outstanding Team Achievement in a Television Series in 2004.Teenagers go gaga over this serial because it offers solutions to issues that confront them. So, whether it was Paige’s rape or Manny’s abortion, Emma’s eating disorder or Craig’s drug problem, if you watch Degrassi, you’ll conclude that it has in fact divulged the complexity of a situation as well as a way out of it. Relish this gripping series right away, by opting to watch Degrassi online.

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