Pokemon episode 696 Will Ash Ketchum be able to catch Mantle Pokemon

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  • Published August 4, 2011
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With the dream to become the greatest Pokemon master in his eyes, Ash Ketchum a.k.a Satoshi has traveled distant lands, took challenges head on, competed in different tournaments, and of course, caught different species of pocket monsters. The upcoming episode of the hit animation series, Pokemon, is not bereft of Ash’s incredible journey in search for more pocket monsters. However, the events, that will be unleashed in 696 episode, are going to put our hero in a lot of trouble. So, let’s have a peek at the events, which are going to unfold.

In the coming episode titled ‘Dangoro! Fire the Luster Cannon!!’, you will get to witness Ash confronting Dangoro, a rock-solid pocket monster. With an intension to catch him, Ash will draw the Pokemon into a tussle. But the ‘Mantle Pokemon’ will beat him. What will Ash do after that? Will he make another attempt to capture Dangoro? What will be the consequences? To know everything what you have to do is, watch Pokemon 696 " Dangoro! Fire the Luster Cannon."

Ash Ketchum has been the center of attraction in all the episodes of the anime series. Initially, Ash used to catch the Pokemon without employing any combat moves. The interesting fact to note here is that he used to get hold of the Pokemon, just by befriending them. But after he became a highly-skilled Pokemon trainer, he became more successful at finding the pocket monsters. It’s for sure that in Pokemon 696 episode, Ash will use all his experience to catch Dangoro. The ‘Mantle Pokémon’ will also be seen in wild mood, devastating the forest. That means if Ash does not act in time, more chaos will surface up.

After the battle against Dangoro will be over, Ash will be seen moving towards the Pokemon center. Why would he go to the center? How would Pokemon center help him? It looks like the entire episode is full of mysteries. To crack them all, make sure you watch the forthcoming Pokemon episode 696 titled "Dangoro! Fire the Luster Cannon!!" Just from the framing of the title, you would be able to make out that a fierce battle between the protagonist, and the new Pokemon on the block, is about to take place.

In case you end up missing such thrilling moments, then watch Pokemon episode 696 online, after its telecast. The soon-to-be released episode will also give you enough hints about how the storyline will shape up in future. So, don’t give it a miss!

Get ready to hold Pokemon episode 696, as it is going totally epic and one of best's Pokemon episodes.

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