Did You Ever Watch Dragon Ball Z Episodes To Catch Gorgeous Females

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  • Published August 8, 2011
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This article is purely devoted to those girls, who rule the hearts of the men of Dragon Ball Z series. These females have been gifted with eye-popping looks and matchless skills. Some people think that animated characters cannot be stunning like the celebrities of the tinsel town. But I want to correct them because they are giving too much weightage to this imagination. In fact, when you watch Dragon Ball Z anime series, you easily find that all the characters have been designed in such a way, that they look incredibly stunning. You can also confirm the same by catching its engrossing episodes!

Android 18, Bulma, Zangya, Chi Chi and Vegeta are a few Dragon Ball Z girls, who fall in the category of the gorgeous girls. Their intelligence, beauty and courageous acts make them stand apart. While some of the female characters are known for their coquettish attitude, others have garnered praise for their innocence. Do you have any nomination for the hottest girl of the series? If you’re still undecided about the nominee’s name, then don’t forget to watch Dragon Ball Z episodes to choose one. I’m sure you will definitely arrive on a conclusion after taking a look at all the female characters of the series.

The latest online surveys reveal that Bulma is among the most-loved female characters of this series. Bulma deserves appreciation and attention of the series’ lovers, because she has been constantly entertaining the viewers through her engaging avatars. She might be a bit tomboyish, but her looks always attract the male characters of the series. In comparison to other girls, she is good at decision making. You can watch Dragon Ball Z episodes online to do a comparative analysis of the young ladies of the series.

Sometimes Bulma wears funny and sensual costumes to attract men, but while doing this she forgets that she doesn’t need to do so, because she is already beautiful. In one of the episodes of the show, she tried to seduce General Blue with her sensual looks. She failed in this attempt because Blue doesn’t have much interest in women. She shares an on and off relationship with the other characters of the show. Her intimacy with other men brings the element of romance in the series. Whenever you watch Dragon Ball Z, you can catch a few romantic scenes involving her. So what are you waiting for? Lay your eyes on a few romance-draped episodes of the series!

At the end, I want to share that Zangya, Chi Chi and Vegeta have also been appreciated for their looks. All of them have been blessed with appealing facial features, but nobody can overtake Bulma when it comes to charming the men.

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