The Reason Behind the Success of Doctor Who and Why People Like Doctor Who Season 6!

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One of the flag bearers of the now popular and widely accepted genre of science fiction, Doctor Who has been going on since 1963. It has outlived a wide variety of people, governments, dictators and even a few countries. It has been officially honored as the longest-running science fiction show in the entire history of television.

So, what exactly is so special about a Doctor and his cohorts that the series is counted among the legends of modern television? Let’s start from the starting, Doctor Who was started a long time back in the United Kingdom. Since then, an uncountable number of episodes have enthralled generations.

And now, the Doctor is back in his newest garb, ready to tackle his foes and enemies with the help of his friends and his beloved time machine, TARDIS. A little background check will reveal that the Doctor belongs to an alien race, which happens to be much more evolved than the humans.

The current protagonist on Doctor Who is played by actor Matt Smith. He has been incurring this role since the past series. He is joined by the usual suspects Amy Pond, Rory Williams as he looks to use his knowledge of varied subjects, to help mankind fend off trouble in different forms. A look back through the previous Doctor Who episodes will tell you more about his past!

The Doctor belongs to the race of super-intelligent alien beings, with an advanced technological base and a much better understanding about the principles of the universe; their race is able to perfect time travel, overcoming the time-space constraints. He uses a time machine, which has been made to look like an English police booth. Imagine the reaction to that. The amazing thing about the show is that it has been able to retain its original splendor throughout the ever-changing cast and crew.

And now, the latest offering is back, Doctor Who season 6 has begun and his cohorts are back, with Celtic actress Karen Gillian reprising the role of Amy Pond. Not to be forgotten, River Song and Rory Williams are there as always.

Except for a teeny tiny difference, this time, things are a bit murkier than last time around. Doctor Who and his posse have a lot on their plate, with the investigation looking into the origins of the mysterious organization, ‘Silence’. In season 6, they will be looking into an incident, where that organization caused TARDIS to explode into bits and pieces.

The new series begins when the three receive mysterious envelopes, which have a location and a time, and also an unknown person receives the same the mail too. There, they are joined by the Doctor as well. And hence begins yet another installment in the now iconic series, Doctor Who.

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