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  • Published September 26, 2011
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Animal air travel is a worrisome issue for most pet owners around the world. Pet safety and pet comfort figures high on the priority list of travellers. However, it must be known that millions of pets travel safely aboard aircrafts every year. Airlines make every effort to offer comfort and care to the animals in transit.

Below mentioned tips and suggestions are provided to ensure that you are at peace while flying with pets.

Know before you Go

• One of the foremost steps to undertake in order to ensure a smooth journey for your pet is a trip to the veterinarian. A thorough monitoring of your dog or cat will make it clear whether the animal is fit to undertake the journey or not. A vet may also provide you with a health certificate that might be asked for by airlines and health officials.

• If you are flying abroad with your pet, then it becomes imperative for you to find all the details regarding the quarantine policies of that particular country. This might save you a lot of trouble later on.

• Kennels for the dogs must meet the minimum standards for size, strength, sanitation and ventilation. The kennels must be roomy enough to make the animal comfortable.

• Get the dog well acquainted with the kennel it is supposed to be travelling in during the flight. This will make sure that the pet is not anxious when placed in the aircraft. It is also not a bad advice for the owners to put some used piece of clothing inside the kennel to make them feel assured.

Airline Travel

• Pet owners are suggested to opt for a direct flight when travelling with their pets. This minimises the flight period for the animal. Direct flights are comparatively costlier than the indirect ones, so the travellers are advised to book as early as possible in order to grab cheap air tickets on flights.

• Acquire detailed information from the airline regarding its pet transport policies. Check out official websites of the airlines to obtain appropriate information.

• Only few airlines allow pets inside the cabin and that too pets who are small in size. Pets are commonly transported as special baggage in a heated and ventilated hold.

• Most airlines restrict the number of pets on an aircraft. Travellers with pets must get in touch with the carriers as soon as possible to make their reservations. One should also reconfirm the bookings with the airline at least 48 hours before the flight departure.

• Travellers with pets are expected to arrive early for the check-in. But you would want to keep that time to the minimum as all the commotion at the airport might scare the animal.

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