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  • Published October 15, 2011
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In the world of the internet, Bulk SMS is the next best thing to have happened after email and instant messaging (Chat). Today its popularity has grown manifold. Every sector, be it a business enterprise or an educational institute, everyone is aware of its importance. It is one of the quickest methods of getting in touch with your customers.

Mass messaging allows you to send information such as product launches, discount sale offers and promotional events to your target clients with just a couple of button clicks. In minutes the text message reaches out to thousands of people across the globe. A personal computer and an internet connection is all that is required to exploit this technology.

With the number of mobile users growing at a scorching pace the future of bulk SMS appears extremely bright.

Bulk SMS service providers are companies that provide the required setup to launch mobile marketing campaigns. They form a vital link between the network operators and the end user. These entities collaborate with network operators to give end users a hassle free platform for sending mass messages across the globe quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Bulk SMS providers typically offer a web based software which uses SMS gateway server to send short messages. This software also has built-in database of mobile subscribers. You can also use your own customized list of mobile numbers.

To know what bulk SMS service is you first need to understand SMS and its purpose. Well, an SMS stands for Short Message Service which is generally sent from one mobile phone to another across the globe. However, marketers recognized its potential as a great tool for contacting potential customers. Soon advertising companies started using this technology to send campaigns in the form of text messages to mobile phone owners from desktop computers. Bulk SMS uses SMS gateway servers to fulfill this task.

Mobile advertising has entered our lives in a big way. It is touted as one the fastest growing advertising platforms. The world will see its rise as more and more people shift from traditional and obsolete hand sets to smart phones.

Smart phones allow users to download and run third party free applications. These apps carry banner ads at the top, establishing a brand name quickly. However, even today, ordinary handsets outnumber smart phones in a big way. Which means text ads will continue to play an important role in mobile advertising.

Another avenue which has caught the fancy of mobile advertising companies is videos. People are not averse to watching videos on their hand sets. Mobile video advertisements have higher engagement quotient than its web counterpart making it a promising candidate for promoting product launches and services.

Another factor that has given a big boost to mobile ads is the popularity of tablets.

End users do not mind banners that occupy tiny space at the top of the application window. As long as the advertisements remain unobtrusive users will continue to download such utilities, which mean they will interact with advertised products and services unwittingly.

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