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  • Published October 20, 2011
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According to most online marketing experts, website optimisation and management is an ongoing process requiring constant attention and work. No matter for how long you have been on the web, there are certain actions to be taken if you want to attract new visitors, convert them into buying customers and then into dedicated clients. It’s not enough to create an appealing front page and filling your site with informative content is enough for making it popular with clients. There are multiple factors that influence the way your clients feel when they shop online. Unfortunately, you may sometimes not even know why you miss an opportunity to do business with potential clients and even dedicated ones, and a detailed customer satisfaction survey is often the only way to find out the reasons for it. If you want to learn whether your customers are satisfied with you, consider the following points.

Choose a suitable type of online survey

To reach a target audience, it’s advisable to go for the type of online survey that’s most suitable for your business. There are several commonly used types of surveys you can create including questionnaires, data capture forms, online order forms, customer satisfaction surveys, competitions and others. They all have their pros but a professionally tailored customer satisfaction survey is the right option if you want to understand clearly what strengths and weaknesses your online business has and then make your website more focussed on the needs of clients.

Why experienced business people opt for online surveys

As is stated above, an online customer satisfaction survey is a great way of learning more about customer satisfaction with your company. Business people go for online surveys as they boast a number of benefits such as flexibility, convenience and reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction surveys are easy to create and it takes clients just a few minutes to complete them at your site. Thus, the surveys allow you to engage with a large percentage of your database quickly and efficiently. They are also much easier to analyse than conventional offline printed surveys which require rekeying the data you collect.

How to make your survey work

When running a customer satisfaction survey, there are several steps to take to make it work. First of all, it’s important to realise what data you need and what your target audience is. Make sure you find out who your customers are, why they need your services and how they buy your products. If you are targeting business customers, ask about the size and the sector of their business as well as what makes them buy your products. Secondly, map or create new ‘touch points’ where visitors come into contact with your company to attract the attention of clients to surveys. You can use outbound emails, ecommerce solutions, blogs, login pages and forums for this purpose. Thirdly, try to incentivise your customers to complete the survey which may help get higher response rates. Offer special privileges, free gifts and discount vouchers for those who complete the customer satisfaction survey and ensure your clients know how their feedback influences your business. Next, pick the most suitable number of questions. It’s not necessary to create a multiple question survey as people tend to respond better to mini surveys containing just two or three simple questions. Depending on what your purpose is, you can choose from full surveys, mini surveys and polls.

Who can help create a great value survey

Just like creating quality web design and writing content, creating a great value customer satisfaction survey requires experience and knowledge. That’s why it’s top priority to find a competent company to perform the task for you. Go for professionals boasting a proven track record of positive results and offering both templates and individually tailored surveys that look like they are part of your online campaign.

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