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  • Published October 30, 2011
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A charity organization may want to promote itself to its volunteers and potential members. It might also want to provide information through articles and newsletters related to its work, so that anyone interested can learn about it. Unlike other marketing techniques, a website has a global reach and can be accessed 24*7 online. If you want to create a website for your charity organization, your first need to get in touch with a website development company from where you can hire website designer. You definitely won't have time to learn web designing and create a website for yourself. With thousands of web developers and designers out there, how can you ensure to choose the right professional help? Hiring web developers or designers is in fact a very difficult thing for non technical business people. Here are few tips that will help non-technical business people to hire the best web designer at their service.

Seek Recommendations—Any search for designers or developers must start with your friends or colleagues. Ask them to recommend some web designers or web designing firm to you whom they have worked with in their past. If this doesn't work out well, you can try out another thing. Just call up the website owner of a company whose site you find is attractive and attention grabbing. Find out from him who made the site and how much did it cost him to design it. Even ask him if his experience with the designer was positive or not.

Ask yourself a lot of questions—Before you hire web designer, ask yourself a lot of questions. There are several things you need to consider when reviewing the list of potential web designers. The very first thing you need to check out is their website. Browse through their pages and ask yourself certain questions like are the web pages accessible, are the overall design of the web pages consistent, how do you find the navigation system, how much easy is it to find information and get back to where you actually started, is there a contact page and a site map, is everything properly aligned, do the web pages load fast and such other questions. Hopefully, all the answers to the questions need to be yes. Only then should you hire designer for your project.

Ask the web designer or web development firm a lot of questions—Asking questions are essential for any kind of hiring method. However, it is more important when you are hiring for a project or position you don't quite have knowledge about. When hiring a web designer from a web development firm, ensure to inquire about few things such as when would the deliverables be received, how the designer works etc. You might also want to ensure to understand what kind of tools the designer uses and in what formats the project will be delivered in. Before you hire website designer from a firm, be specific about your requirements. Don't be afraid to ask the designer the things you don't understand. If he is unable to make you understand what he is talking about, it is a sheer indication that you need to hire the services of some other web designer.

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