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  • Published November 1, 2011
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There are so many corporate website design elements to be considered in building a website that it seems endless. But in the end, these elements should work together in such a way that they form consistency in style, message, and tone.

For a corporate website design to appropriately engage the target audience and increase the possibility of converting visitors in clients, there are specific elements that must be in place.

Here are the top 5 elements that should always be incorporated in a business website for it to be an effective net for catching prospective customers.

  1. Creative visual design

Internet users are of the impatient kind. They will only decide within 5 seconds whether to stay in your website. This means that you have to give them an explosive impression to give them a reason to look around further and discover what you have to offer.

The trend for corporate website design revolves around simplicity and minimalism. Visitors will definitely appreciate less clutter. Make it clean yet eye-catching by taking advantage of negative space.

  1. Thoughtful user interface

A thoughtful user interface is the foundation of good functionality. Corporate website design should take into consideration the behavior, habits, and characteristics of the typical users. Navigation should be simple enough and easy to spot. Without this, visitors won’t bother to go past the home page and search for additional information. The usual "Home | About Us | Products | FAQ | Contact Us" should be highly visible and should be placed in a conspicuous area. A working search bar on the header should also be integrated to invite your visitors to type in information that they’re interested to know about. All of these corporate website design considerations will keep them longer in your site and increases the possibility of their visits turning into sales.

  1. Meaningful content

Your website might be visually appealing, but if the content is useless, then you can bet that your prospective clients will flee out of it. In planning corporate website design, everything that they want to see before buying from you should be included. It is essential to provide helpful information about your company and products and/or services.

Online shoppers are fickle-minded and they usually want to be 100% sure be making a purchase. Include detailed product descriptions and high-resolution images that they can zoom in and so examine your product better. A corporate website design like this will significantly increase sales conversion rate.

  1. Social media integration

Consumers nowadays expect businesses to be in Facebook or Twitter. By incorporating your social networking feeds and profiles in your corporate website design, you’ll be able to foster trust in your brand and to connect to more potential customers.

  1. Analytics, statistics, and tracking

Even though this corporate website design feature is behind the scenes, it is very important since you can monitor your site’s performance and think of how you can further improve it. Examples of web statistics are as follows:

• Hits received by the website

• Hits coming from unique visitors

• How people find your website

• Search terms used to find you

• Web sites that link to you

• Most popular pages in your website

• Average visitor information (i.e. browser, platform, screen resolution)

If you wish to build a successful website that meets and even exceeds the expectations of your clients, then you should enlist the services of a professional web designer. GunShot Digital is a design and media company that offers such a service. If you want more information about corporate website design, you may visit: Corporate Website Design

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