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Your website reflects an awful lot about what your business is all about—not just to your clients but also to search engines. This is why your typical local business has been seeking the help of a San Francisco web developer recently. This is to ensure that their website answers the needs of both their customers and search engines.

A San Francisco Web Developer Caters to Customers’ Needs

Similar to the way that a branding exercise can be effective in making a firm stick out from the rest of the competition, professional web design with the assistance of a San Francisco web developer can ensure that your online presence is consistent with your company’s objectives, culture, and personality. Just as the lighting, color schemes, and décor of clothing boutiques and salons are designed with the customers in mind, a website’s layout can be tweaked or even refitted so that your company can get across the message that you want to communicate to your clients.

The responsibilities of a San Francisco web developer go deeper than the physical layout, color scheme, and graphics of your online home. The web developer also takes care of how your website interacts with users by ensuring that the menus and GUIs are easy access and navigate. In a brick and mortar store, the tasks done by a professional San Francisco web developer would be the equivalent of that of an architect. An architect lays out the aisles and corridors of your shop to make sure that they are wide enough for comfortable browsing.

A San Francisco Web Developer Works with Search Engines in Mind

A web developer seeks to make site navigation as easy as possible so that users would be encouraged to remain in the website. On top of this, a San Francisco web developer also aims to make search engines identify with your company website in the same way.

A search engine has been programmed to act similar to a web user. Modern search engines "browse" your website to identify whether it is easy for a human user to do so. They "look at" your site through the way that they are coded. Because of this, they can analyze the architecture of your website and ascertain how intuitive and user-friendly it would be to human users.

The responsibility of a San Francisco web developer is to ensure that your site possesses flawless code. In other words, all the tools, languages, scripts, inserts, and add-ons are created in a way that search engines will see the website as user-friendly. A web developer does back end work and make that area as excellent as possible to search engine crawlers as the front end is to human users.

Why hire a San Francisco web developer?

A professional web developer is able to target both clients and search engines. Hence, recruiting one would prove an easier option and a wise investment compared to attempting to build your own website. Having a website that is customized for your business needs would mean a win-win situation. It would provide relevant information to your customers, have a high search engine ranking, and would gain higher traffic due to higher visibility.

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