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  • Published November 4, 2011
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As you can imagine, the main use for wood picture frames would be to frame your important pictures and family memories. These are some of the most common ones that you can find in the stores, and they tend to be rather durable and sturdy. You do not have to buy the ones in the stores if you do not want to, as you can find wood frames that are not painted or adorned just yet and then you can do what you want with them. These are also great for children when you want an idea for a craft. They can have fun with them just as easily as you could.

Wood picture frames come in all sizes and shapes. You can find the traditional eight by ten size as well as something as small as one by two inches. Some are round and some are in other shapes too. You can get what works with your pictures and then do what you want with them. If you choose to buy pre-painted ones, you can usually find them in just about any color you can think of and in any size you wish. Some are rather inexpensive, but they can also be the ones that fall off the wall. Make sure they are going to stay put before you choose them.

If you are going to buy plain wood picture frames, you can have fun with them. If you are doing summer pictures up to hang on the wall, you may want to paint them in a fun summer colour like yellow and then find some daisies to glue along the outside of the frame. You can get wood ones that you can paint on your own, and most craft stores carry these. You can also get fake daisies like you would use in a flower arrangement or perhaps you find magnets that you can glue on the frame. Do what you think will look good with your pictures.

You do not have to put pictures into your wood picture frames. You may want to save a special piece of artwork that your child did at home or in school and then frame it in a wooden frame. This is a great way to save something you find to be special, and it will also make your child feel as if they are a valued part of the family. These pieces can last a long time when they are put into picture frames and hung on the wall. The glass in the frames protects these pictures from everything in the air. Make sure they are not in the sun or they will fade eventually.

Buy wood picture frames in bulk if you want to use them for crafts. You can get them out for a craft at kids birthday parties. Take pictures of each guest with the birthday child and then print them out on your computer in the right size. Then allow the children to decorate their frames any way that they want. Once they are done, you can put the pictures into the frames and then send them home with the children as a party favour. These are fun for everyone.

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