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  • Author Suzanne Carter
  • Published November 4, 2011
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You were up to date a few years ago; you’ve had a website made for your business which you keep updated once a month and you get a few visitors every week but you aren’t really utilising the potential that the Internet offers. Business is going well, but there is definitely room for expansion. A few years after starting a site, some business owners don’t event think about further development of their site in order to upgrade it.

There are so many website features that have become common with the introduction of Web 2.0 and the evolution of web development. It is easier than ever to market yourself online to a wide audience, sell products, network for your business and keep in contact with customers. Long gone are the days of emailing your web development company with content changes before waiting a week for them to appear on your site. Social networking integration, Content Management Systems and online purchasing are all common and easily maintained aspects of websites that open new avenues in online presence and business.

One of the main reasons to update a website is aesthetics. Everybody likes to think that content is the focus of their homepage, and to a point it is; but like anything in marketing, the initial impression left on the user is what will determine whether or not they stay long enough to read any of that content. Aesthetics are constantly changing - websites that were considered the pinnacle of good design three years ago look outdated and frustrate users today. Overhauling navigation and changing your site to look sleek and modern should be top priority.

Social networking integration is another big part of the web today. A good web presence isn’t comprised of a sole website anymore. Facebook groups, Twitter feeds and YouTube accounts are all commonly linked to companies and the sites that represent them. Updating through a range of different online media, uploading videos that demonstrate products or services and giving fans, users and consumers a Facebook group to ‘Like’ means new avenues of marketing. As well as reaching new audiences, these are all great ways to make sure your website doesn’t become static.

Perhaps the most enticing part of a website to anybody in business is the ability to sell product online. With people buying more and more with their credit cards and e-commerce businesses like PayPal providing for those who don’t have them, setting up an online store can mean a huge boost in sales. Shopping cart software allows anybody to integrate an online store into their site with ease.

There are too many businesses that don’t invest enough into their online presence. The Internet is a market with limitless potential and one of the most effective marketing tools available. Upgrading your website is a simple and powerful way to upgrade your business.

We understand the importance of creating websites that not only look great but are appealing to visitors. With our website development expertise we work with you to ensure that your website will differentiate you from your competitors.

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