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The Baby Einstein DVD series is broad. It is distributed by Walt Disney Home Entertainment. This educational series is appropriate for children who are between three months to three years of age. The diverse subjects that are presented include classical music, numbers, multi-lingual words, poetry, movement and art.

The company was founded in Alpharetta, Georgia in 1996 by a stay-at-home mom who was previously employed as a teacher. The company is currently headquartered in Burbank, California. As of 2000, the franchise's annual revenue had climbed to 10 million dollars.

Since the products are named after the famous physicist, royalties continue to be paid to his estate. According to Forbes magazine, these significant royalties have moved Einstein into the top five category of the highest-earning celebrities who are deceased.

The DVD series is extensive. It includes a world music episode, which features sounds from diverse cultures from many continents. Youngsters are encouraged to dance, sing and play exotic instruments, such as the Celtic harp from Ireland, maracas from Latin America and djembe drum from Africa.

The World Animal Adventure features numerous exotic animals from all seven continents. Among them are Arctic snow monkeys, Australian kangaroos and Asian pandas. All the footage was recorded in native habitats. Puppet shows featuring mother and baby animals are another element of this episode.

Baby Mozart helps young children discover the beauty of classical music. The composer's most popular compositions are featured, such as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Engaging puppet shows, discovery cards, and baby-friendly, real-life images are also presented. The activity modes include quiet time, dancing and playing together.

Baby Beethoven provides another opportunity to share the joys of classical music with youngsters. This episode also includes three activity modes, imaginative puppet shows and discovery cards. Some of the composer's most popular pieces are highlighted.

As with all discovery kits, The World of Colors includes a DVD, music CD, parent's guide and board book. Hosted by a puppet named Vincent Van Goat, this kit explores the wonders of color. Children can watch Mr. Van Goat create six masterpieces while examining the properties of purple, orange, yellow, blue, green and red.

Bard the Dragon is the puppet-host of the World of Words discovery kit. He takes children on an engaging adventure of everyday words, including moon, cat and flower. Silly puppet shows, great music, real-world objects and bright colors characterize this kit.

Neptune's Ocean discovery kit focuses on the wonders of the marine world. Children are taken on an exciting ocean adventure where they can observe animals in their natural habitats. Crabs, sea lions, penguins, whales and dolphins are among the animals that are featured.

The World of Rhythm discovery kit is hosted by Coco (a dancing Cockatoo) and Pillie (a musical woodpecker). These colorful puppet hosts guide youngsters through a series of songs, dances and clapping routines. Children will learn to snap their fingers, keep a beat and move their feet.

The Baby Einstein DVD series is engaging, enchanting, interactive and educational. These products are designed to delight young children while instilling important skills and lessons. More detailed information is available online.

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