PSD to HTML Conversion– Who Benefits from this?

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  • Published November 12, 2011
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PSD to HTML is the first step to make a proper website. There are many companies and freelancers out there who are able to this conversion easily and efficiently.

This article is going to discuss about who will benefit from this conversion. But before we go into this, let us see who needs this PSD to HTML conversion. There is the web development and designing company, and then there are freelance web designers who would also benefit from PSD to HTML conversion, and lastly those companies or those people who want a website.

It is better if we discuss them individually in order to have a better understanding.

Benefits for the web development and designing companies:

If these companies are able to hire web developers who can do PSD to HTML conversion they will benefit a lot. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Having developers working with designers gets the job done fast.

  2. Project is completed is beforehand which leads to customer satisfaction. If the customer is happy he will come back again for other services as well.

  3. Conversion time decreases because of team work.

  4. The developer makes sure that everything is according to the W3C standard.

  5. With developers on their side they are able to offer their clients further services such as PHP, and many other programming languages.

Benefits for freelance web designers:

  1. If designers do not know HTML coding they can give this task to the developer without going through the process of learning the language first and then applying.

  2. No need to learn how to solve or fix different problems that may arise during the conversion process.

  3. Can give the job to the developer and focus on other designing projects.

  4. Designers are free from the job of PSD to HTML conversion, which are some is a really big nuisance.

Benefits for those who want to build a website:

The demand for websites is increasing day by day. Many people try to do the job themselves but get stuck in the PSD to HTML conversion process. The reason is they do not know the html language or do not have any experience and tend to mess up the code. Read on to see the advantages which they gain if they hire a developer to do the job for them.

  1. The developer will make sure that the coding is done in a correct and professional way.

  2. If there are any errors the developer will fix it easily.

  3. The developer will make sure that the code is according to the W3C standard.

  4. The latest code will be used to build the site.

  5. Semantic coding will be done, which means the code will not be jumbled up and will make sense especially to the search engines. So, when your website will be search it will get a higher rank.

The above are the three who will benefit from PSD to HTML conversion services. So, instead of doing it yourself and making an inexperience person do it, it is better to hire a professional developer in order to get the job done properly

Frank Rolland is experienced PSD to HTML developer with more than 15 years experience. He is working as senior manager for PSD to HTML conversion service in

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