How a Flat Fee MLS Listing Works in Your Favour

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  • Published November 12, 2011
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The Multiple listing service, or MLS, is a database of all the different properties for sale in a particular area. Buyers have been known to go through MLS listings to find suitable property to purchase. Typically, when a seller engages a real estate agent to facilitate the sale of his property, the agent places the property in MLS listings to ensure it gets the maximum amount of visibility. Sellers’ agents are also responsible for finding prospective buyers, showing the property to them, and negotiating for the right price. They charge a percentage of the total sales price, plus fees for expenses, in payment of their services.

With a flat fee MLS listing, or free MLS, it is possible to sell your home without the representation of a realtor. A flat fee MLS listing, or free MLS, involves hiring a broker to list your property in your local multiple listing service for a one-time-only fee. Flat fee MLS listing is also arranged through a realtor because only professional realtors can list your property in the local MLS. Unlike seller’s agents, however, flat-fee brokers will not charge a part of the sales price as their commission. They only charge a flat fee for listing your property - hence the name, flat fee MLS listing.

The MLS database will have pictures and descriptions of the different properties for sale in a particular area. You can also post pictures and a description of your home through flat fee MLS listing, or free MLS services, so that buyers can find your property easily. Remember to ensure that the photographs and descriptions showcase your property in the best possible light so that they are most effective in attracting buyers.

Make a list of all the best features, statistics, and descriptions of the rooms throughout your home so that it is presented in a very attractive package. Take flattering photographs of both the exterior and interior of the home so that buyers can accurately gauge the overall condition of the house. The entire package should be attention-grabbing so that buyers are attracted to it as soon as they see it in the MLS listings. However, first, you need to find a broker willing to offer flat fee services. is one such website in Canada, which has been established to assist homeowners in selling their properties without the help of professional real estate agents. Contact them regarding their paid or free MLS services and begin marketing your home yourself to prospective buyers. is one of the premier organizations in Canada providing flat fee MLS listing, and information on for sale by owner.

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