Why Do Webmasters Favor Manual Article Submission?

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  • Author Fabiola Groshan
  • Published November 15, 2011
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Article marketing is one of the proven effective internet marketing techniques to achieve visibility for your website and attract a larger target audience. This approach seeks to improve search engine rankings by relying heavily on manual article submission. The strong points of online article submission include boosting web traffic, improving site rankings in search results pages and augmenting revenue opportunities.

A good article submission service can get you quality consistent results in terms of traffic by helping to improve your rankings with the major search engines. When handled by professionals and steered at the right article sites, manual submission can enhance your site’s visibility significantly. A reputable submission service will also provide unique author accounts for each submission to circumvent content duplication, which can be quite taxing to a site’s search engine exposure and credibility.

High search engine visibility is every webmaster’s dream, and thousands of businesses out there are competing online to get just that. When steered towards popular SEO-friendly sites known to attract large volumes of traffic, manual article submission genuinely becomes a powerful tool for getting quality traffic and boosting revenue. It is because of that, coupled with the fact that it lets you use directories selectively for maximum impact, that the technique is often the first option for traffic-minded businesses.

Unlike automated submission, where the articles end up in random categories, with manual submission you get to choose the categories that you consider most relevant to your business for higher gain. The more relevant an article is to the selected category, the higher the value of the backlinks generated from the submission effort.

Another important benefit of manual article submission is that it gives you the freedom to submit different articles and resource boxes to different article sites. By contrast, automated submission only rarely lets you pick the directories you submit to, and never to vary the articles and resource box text. This is problematic in the sense that the search engines will not index all of your submissions and you won’t enjoy the full benefit of the submission. To ensure that all your articles will be indexed properly, it is best to stick with manual submission.

Another reason to avoid automated submission is that it sometimes works a little too fast, which almost counter intuitively impacts your results negatively. In the typical scenario, the search engines would assign a lower value to your backlinks or worse, your articles would de-index the articles that have generated the suspicious links. This helps illustrate the idea that sheer quantity is not always good, and renders manual submission as not only the better option, but also the safest in terms of article indexing. Manual submission may be more challenging, time consuming and slower, but because it is so effective, it is definitely worth the trouble! And if you want top article submission without investing too much effort into it, simply outsource the article submission process to a trusted party and get ready to enjoy the benefits!

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manish Kumar
manish Kumar · 1 year ago
thanks for share nice stuff. because Now days google consider as a spam for automation submission, so sure manually submission helps you to increase you traffic as well as keyword ranking.

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