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  • Published November 15, 2011
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If anybody believed that arcade video games are developed with only male teenagers in mind, they couldn't be a lot more wrong. Using the recent rush of net games becoming released, it can be apparent that girls appreciate arcade games as much as boys do.

According to a survey by GamerPro, about 42% of online gamers are female and Scientific American supports these stats with its own investigation that demonstrates girl gamers in fact spend a lot more time on on-line games than males.

Keeping that in mind, it's no real surprise that you will discover quite a few new internet video games being developed specifically for women - and is a recently released internet site that is dedicated to providing a huge selection of these games, for free.

Unlike the more boy-oriented games, these games appeal much more towards fairer sex by adapting some of the features which are present in girl's gadgets and bring them into a multiactive digital setting.

A few of these games allow females to makeover avatars of their selection, and others consist of celebrity games to dress up games as well as cooking video games. You'll find over 15 types of games presently accessible, with far more being added on a standard basis.

All that's required to play these games is a world wide web connection and a web browser.

"From the start we desired to create a web site that was comprised of literally each and every sort of arcade video game that ladies may appreciate," stated Mary Taylor. "Of course, all the games are free, and we keep it current using the most recent releases."

Several of the games offered by are highly well-known, especially those which contain dressing, painting nails, styling hair etc. That being said, games in other groups also share widespread popularity and ought to not be ignored.

Even though many of the games focus on young girls and teenagers, you can find those that even grown girls will appreciate. Some may possibly appear child-oriented at first but they can be tremendously appealing so much so even grownups get addicted to them.

Molly Adams, a parent of four girls from Iowa found that supplied her with a source of free online video games that her youngsters could appreciate.

"I wanted some thing that could keep my children active but the majority of the on-line games that I'd identified didn't genuinely fit what exactly I was looking for. With all of the games at my youngsters are constantly busy and creatively picking out dress designs and makeovers which they display for their buddies. I have to admit, I've also tried a few of the games myself."

Thinking about the current studies that support the truth that internet video games are certainly growing at staggering rates amongst females, this freshly launched site seems right on track to catch that market place.

For a lot more details concerning the numerous types of cost-free online video games for women, and also an ample selection of video games to try out, check out Makeover Barbie Games.

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