Hiring Pumps for Sewage Treatment Works and Pumping Networks

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  • Published November 21, 2011
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Sewage Treatment Works (STWs) and pumping networks use hired pumps for both emergency and planned servicing and maintenance work. In an emergency, pumps can be rented quickly from a pump leasing specialist and can be situated and operational in a matter of hours.

Planning ahead

Most UK Water Companies have contingency plans in place so that a pump hire specialist (who offers 24/7, year-round cover ‘just in case’) is already primed to respond if needs be: a site survey will be part of the plan and the types of rented pumps (and ancillary equipment) that may be required at the site will be identified and listed.

All this is not to say that the standard of installed pumps and pumping systems already at STWs across the country are of an inferior standard or are prone to failure, breakdowns… Far from it: most STWs have high quality, modern pumping systems in place (they need to, as emergencies at STWs are to be avoided at all costs, the consequences being so major). Rented pumps can provide the ideal solution, when it comes to supplementing the capacity of existing pumps at STWs, thereby improving efficiency when and where needed.

About sewage treatment

Simply put, sewage treatment (or ‘domestic water treatment’) is the process of removing contaminants from waste water and household sewage (from toilets, baths, showers, kitchens, sinks, etc.), delivered to the STWs via a pumping network. Through a sequence of processes, physical, chemical and biological pollutants are removed at a STW, until the water is deemed as being ‘environmentally safe’.

Hired pumps during planned maintenance

Pumping systems at STWs undergo servicing/planned maintenance from time-to-time, where checks can be made and any required repairs can be carried out. It is during planned maintenance periods that the option to lease mobile pumps is mostly taken up by STW operation managers, in fact. The work will usually involve bypass pumping during upgrades, as more people and/or businesses move into an area and the current STW or network needs advancement to cope with this demand.

Other situations where renting pumps can prove invaluable include:

In extremely hot weather, when additional aeration pumps may be required

Where heavy rain falls on hard ground in summer, resulting in flash floods diversionary pumping can reduce the load on STW (note: STW back flooding can seriously impact on residential homes in the area, as well as upon surrounding countryside and waterways)

When pipes burst or become severed

When tanks fill up to capacity or need to be cleaned

When effluent needs to be moved around an STW

Where pumping processes need to be speeded up, and

When on-site equipment is broken or is not working efficiently enough

Considering people, the environment…

With there being an onus on businesses and organisations world-wide to ensure they always work in an environmentally-friendly manner, specialist pump hire companies are by no means exempt. A priority for them is to ensure the rented pumping solutions they provide at STWs (and for other pumping applications) involve minimum noise and spillages (particularly in domestic areas). This is where Silenced Pumps, Super Silenced Pumps and Electric Submersible Pumps really come into their own:

Silenced Pumps

Silenced Pumps ensure pumping operations comply with noise control restrictions. They are specifically designed to pump effectively and reliably, while still meeting the requirements of European and Global noise legislation.

Super Silenced Pumps

These powerful, portable pumps take silent pumping to an even higher level, not least due to noise levels set at a maximum of 62 decibels at seven metres plus exceptional telemetry facilities for remote pump operations and monitoring.

Electric Submersible

Where an adequate power supply is available, Electric Submersible Pumps run silently and without the need for refueling or regular routine maintenance. Extremely large flows can be achieved with little visibility, if any, of the equipment.

Other advantages of Silenced, Super Silenced and Electric Submersible pumps for use at STWs is that they are difficult to tamper with (enhancing site security), and the diesel units have drip trays, which means no environmentally-unfriendly spillages.

Pump hire experts will know which questions to ask before arriving on site: what flow rates are required, if distance pumping is involved, about vehicle access levels and available power supply, etc. They will also be experienced enough to know that the project brief may change once they are on site, and will have the flexibility to adapt accordingly.

Article submitted by Steve Reeve, Sales Director at Andrews Sykes . Andrews Sykes has over 25 years experience in rentingpumps to virtually all industry sectors including water and sewage treatment works.

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