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  • Author Karen Ross
  • Published November 22, 2011
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You had enough of the fast paced life. Yeah, you credit your work for that. Going home to an equally busy community with horns blaring and lights almost blinding even in midnight is just more than what you can take. Added to that is an unreasonable rent for your city apartment. And you suddenly think that maybe it is time you relocate together with your whole family which means that it will be a major decision that you have to make. Your family will have to face a big change. The kids will transfer school. You will have a totally different environment. And you have your job to think about. Suburban living fits just right for you. At this point, you might want to consider Shawnee real estate listings. The following reasons might convince you to get one of the Shawnee homes for sale to be your suburbia home sweet home.

• Peaceful and quiet community.

Suburbia is an ideal place to raise a family. And with the busy work lifestyle that you and your spouse have, it is a good place to go home to after a very tiring day of work. Your suburb home is a place that could make you feel relaxed and away from the noise, smoke and blinding lights of the city. Shawnee Kansas is a place ideal for married couples with children.

• Safe, friendly and healthy environment. Thirty eight percent of Shawnee’s population is composed of married couples with children. This is a proof that the area is best for families. Now you wouldn’t want to raise your family in a dangerous place with high crime rate and all, would you? The suburbs also give a family a chance to belong in a community unlike in cities where neighbors don’t even bother for greetings. So if you’re the type who likes a little chitchat and barbeque parties over at your neighbors’, the suburb is perfect for you. Also, if you are the health conscious type or someone who wants a healthier lifestyle, you might choose the suburbs over cities. Shawnee has fresher air which was indicated on their quality air index recognized by Money Magazine. This means that people in the area are less likely to get diseases caused by polluted air.

• Budget friendly housing.

Aside from other major factors, money is one of the first things on the list to be considered. Some people even save up for years to get the house they want and don’t rush into buying. Houses in the suburbs are usually cheaper than those in the cities. So if money is your main concern, suburban real estate will cater to your need. This doesn’t mean that houses in the suburbs are of low quality. It’s just that cost of living in these areas is usually affordable, the same also with housing. Shawnee Kansas was one of the Best Affordable Suburbs in 2006 and 2009 according to BusineesWeek. It also belongs to the top 100 Affordable Communities in the US on a study by Bert Sperling and Peter Sander.

It takes a thorough decision making in buying a house, how much more buying a house in the suburbs. But with the current trends in housing, people tend to go back to suburban communities. These 3 reasons might be on their list of considerations. They might be yours too.

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