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  • Published November 24, 2011
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If you are looking for carpet in Pittsburgh, or tile flooring in Pittsburgh, then you most likely have a good number of questions. In addition, you may have a number of preconceived notions also. There are many options and quite a few factors that may have a bearing on your choice. These options and choices usually seem overwhelming and may lead to making a hurried decision. Do not let emotion guide you, this choice will most likely be one that will last for years.

If you have not already made the choice between tile flooring, carpet flooring or vinyl flooring, Pittsburgh flooring specialists can work with you to find the right floor for you. Sometimes this is an obvious choice and other times you may find a room where you are just not sure. Of course, the use cases of the rooms will be a big factor, in addition to what the adjacent rooms will be used for. Combining too many different flooring options in a small area is never a good idea. Also, consider traffic levels. Often the best choice for many high traffic areas is vinyl flooring. Pittsburgh flooring shows can show you a wide selection of vinyl flooring options that don't look cheap.

Let us start with some of the choices that you may find in tile flooring. Pittsburgh is a large commercial district, so you have almost any type of hard flooring you can think of. Figure your budget out ahead of time. Once you have the amount of money you can spend set in your mind, and you have decided a tile floor is the way to go, then you are ready to start looking. Think now about whether you want the appearance to be tile, vinyl or hard wood. Note the word appearance. Just because you want the "look" of a hard wood does not mean that is the actual material that you have chosen. There are many options for vinyl flooring. Pittsburgh specialists can show you all the different options.

Do you have the extra money to spend on great tile flooring? Pittsburgh experts can advise you which tiles to use for which area of your space. Let's say the room that you are putting the floor in is a low traffic area, then consider material that doesn't need to be as durable as material for high traffic areas. These less durable materials can often save a lot of money, and look just like the tiles you want.

Looking for tile flooring in Pittsburgh? Ask yourself whether you are doing the job yourself or having the floors put in. Installing any kind of flooring can be a chore and a learning experience, but tile can be a real pain. Carefully decide on the size of tiles. If the space you are flooring takes 400 one foot square tiles and you decide to change to a smaller tile, perhaps six inch square tiles, that means that you will now be installing 1600 tiles instead of 400. In addition to this, do you have the proper tools to cut tile? Tin snips or a razor blade can cut vinyl, but you really need a table saw to cut tile, and the right type of blades also.

Did you choose carpet? Pittsburgh companies have a great selection. Carpeting may be the least tolerant of all flooring types when it comes to traffic. Are there going to be children spilling red punch on the carpet? Is the carpet located in the entrance or other high traffic areas? A shorter pile will handle more traffic, while there are chemicals that can guard against spillage. Choosing a darker color can also help hide anything that may end up on the carpet. Pittsburgh carpet installers can help you choose the right carpet for your needs.

In the end, choose flooring that you like. You do not want to save a little money and see that choice everyday for years. Saving $100 now will seem pretty silly two years down the road when you are still not happy with the flooring. Your home is a place to relax and forget the day. Choose the flooring that makes you feel good.

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