Is Tankless Electric Water Heater Highly Preferable?

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  • Published November 24, 2011
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If you are installing a brand new tankless water heater in your home, you have the option of choosing from electric type and gas type. Such situation calls for an awareness about the benefits of electric type tankless heaters.

One major likable fact is that electric heaters are less costly than their gas counterparts. You can install electric water heaters for your whole house from just $500. However it can go up to some $1000+. But on the other hand the gas heaters cost start at a minimum of $1000 and can go up to several thousands of dollars. Which is a wise choice then, Gas or electric, for you to decide?

Actually the type of heater device that you may want to install is dependent on the nature of hot water requirements of your household. Electric heaters’ manufacturers claim that the performance of their products is in line with the gas type heater devices. While, the manufacturers of gas operated water heaters claim that their products are the best choice. Any local dealer can give you a cost comparison of both kinds for you to evaluate and decide.

There are several likable advantageous features in electric tankless heater devices. The lesser starting price is one among the list. You truly can save about $500 if you buy electric tankless heater machines instead of going in for gas operated heaters. Installing electric water heaters is fairly a simple job when compared to installing gas operated heater devices. They also occupy less space than gas water heaters.

You don’t have to deal with any venting issues in case of electric operated heaters and hence they can be placed conveniently under skins, in a closet, in crawlspaces, or anywhere for that matter where a traditional bulky heater would never fit in. You can place your new heater in the same place where you old heater was without any difficulty.

If you are installing several units of electric heaters in your house, you may need to upgrade your electric panel everywhere the heater gets installed. The reason is that heaters use high power similar to the dryer. High power units usually require outlets capable of handling current in the order of 200 Amp and voltage in the order of 208 to 240 volts. If you live in warmer places like Arizona, your heater rating may be less and you may need a 100 or 125 Amp electrical outlet.

With electric heater devices you may get savings in the energy costs over traditional water heaters. But you may not really save very much over gas or propane operated heater devices. We have been seeing the cost of gas and propane increasing all the time thereby bridging the gap between the energy costs of gas and electric tankless heaters.

What about the capacity of water they supply? How electric heaters differ from gas operated ones in this aspect? It is useful to know the answer to this question. Full sized electric operated heater devices can supply three to eight gallons of hot water each minute. This variation in capacity is because of the fact that water temperature varies from one geographical place to other. It will not be the same in both Florida and a winter Montana.

To make an informed decision, be aware of all the facts involved. Then decide is it electric or gas heater that you wish to install in your home?

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