How can tracking cookies affect your privacy?

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  • Published November 22, 2011
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Increasing use of Internet and social networking sites affecting the privacy and hence identity like SSI, personal information and other important data can be tracked from cookies and social networks that lead to identity thefts, misuse of login details etc.

A cookie is text file which a web-server can store on your hard disk drive which is designed to on where you go on the web. It can simplify your web-browsing experience by storing your location for local searches, but you should also keep in mind that it also has the ability to collect your information like your home address, phone number and e-mail address. Additionally, if you have visited any website a cookie enable the site owners to view the specific keywords that you have used. It is important to note that the cookies itself are not responsible for creating any security risks, but it has the ability to track you movement from one website to another and can compromise your privacy protection.

Normally by changing your browser settings you can forbid a site from tracking your activities, but most internet users accept that some sites will record and store their information about their behavior. Some cookies track your activities across a single website or a single domain.

The most important step you can take to protect your privacy is to delete tracking cookies in your browser regularly. To ensure privacy from ad tracking cookies, your passwords and login information will also be deleted which you have saved for your frequently visited sites.

There are many internet management tools designed online especially for you to remove tracking cookies and help you to remain safe from identity theft. These privacy and identity monitoring protection and alert tools can help you to delete ad tracking.

As a precaution, you should set your browser to block cookies by default if you want to maximize your online privacy. Some browsers however need cookies to function properly so that the user can easily log in. To get maximum privacy and web browsing convenience, you can block cookies by default and consequently white list certain sites to allow them to use cookies. You can also easily add cookies to your browser’s cookies white list to increase the convenience of your browser experience, which may block sites from working when all cookies are disabled.

Many browsers have the option to white list cookies by automatically blocking cookies from all other sites. Also, some extensions can control the cookies that you have created with a simple cookie white list feature and indicate whether the site is allowed to save the cookies or not. Identity management tools can help you to manage your browser settings by maximizing your web usability. You will also get expert advices to select several common ad tracking cookies by ensuring you that ad tracking cookies are cleared on regular basis, but are not blocked so that you can allow it again in the future to maximize your privacy protection.

In order to save your information while deleting cookies, the best way is to use theft monitoring services. These services not only help you to delete tracking cookies but can also save you from identity theft, financial theft and provide complete credit monitoring. Browse online to find the best theft monitoring tools for your needs.

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