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  • Published November 22, 2011
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Travertine tile offers a unique style to any room. Travertine is crack resistant and easy to care for.

Travertine is a kind of limestone that is most commonly formed by mineral springs, specifically hot springs. Because of its versatility, travertine is the most popular stone used in construction today. Many commercial buildings use it as a wall or floor covering. Homeowners often use it outdoors as patio pavers, and indoors for backsplashes, floors and in showers.

Many people also opt for a travertine kitchen floor as well as for flooring in the bathroom or entryway.

One of the reasons travertine stone flooring is popular is because of the wide variety of colors available. Tiles can be found in natural shades such as whites, browns, greens, reds and grays. Since travertine is a natural stone, colors are never solid, but instead have veins and flecks of other shades running through them. Each tile is unique, making color and style possibilities endless.

Travertine tile can be found in a range of sizes. When opting for a travertine kitchen floor, many homeowners will choose a larger tile, while using a smaller one for a less spacious room such as a bathroom. When installing backsplashes or wall tile in a shower, an even smaller size tile is often used.

When installing tile, decorators may opt to add decorative travertine accents to enhance the beauty of the room. There are decorative tiles that can be strategically placed on the floor to add to the look. Also available are wall trims and tiles featuring metal accents.

Travertine is known for being extremely durable, scratch resistant and easy to care for. This makes the stone a practical yet beautiful choice. By purchasing discount travertine tile at a respected hard floor outlet, customers will find a huge selection at reasonable prices – allowing them to create their own unique travertine style.

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