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  • Published November 20, 2011
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An empty house on the real estate market is a difficult property to sell. Empty rooms and lifeless houses put off buyers. Nothing says less about a potential house than a place so empty your footsteps echo throughout. Virtually Stage Listings is a way of presenting vacant spaces with furnishings and objects of every day life and inspiring viewer imaginations. If a property captures someone's imagination, they will see the potential of a property and take it seriously. Virtually Stage Listings recreate vacant properties that are hard to move and renders them warm and friendly, increasing their saleability.

You could fill a property with heavy furnishings and accessories and make an empty property looked lived in, but it would be cost-prohibitive. You could reduce the price of the property and lose out on potential profits. Or you could consider Virtual Stage Listings -- a computer re-creation of interior spaces. In virtual staging, photos of a property are filled with furnishings, wall hangings, artwork, curtains and linen. The process is a perfect fit for today's market because real estate, like a lot of shopping, is done online. Realtors offer on-line tours of properties for sale, and it is a natural step to enhance the on-line shopping experience. Prospective buyers can see the potential of a space that they may have struggled with before staging brought it to life.

Virtual staging takes photos of the actual spaces of a property for sale and gracefully adds furnishings and window linen to give a prospective customer what they expect to see when they look at a home: a valuable appearance. When prospects tour a staged online home, the odds that they will grow interested are increased. If they see the potential of a property for sale, they will book an actual tour. As a visual aid, it is an indispensable tool.

It is fast, convenient, simple to render and affordable when compared to actual staging. Actual staging is labor intensive, expensive, and requires a professional photographer to get the lighting right. Reducing the price of a property should only be a last ditch tactic to sell a property. Virtual staging will accomplish the desired result -- to make a property look ideal to a buyer -- for less money. The possibility of a space in the mind of the prospective buyer is greatly enhanced. It represents the best way to present a property today and will continue to be in the future.

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