3 Important Things Newlyweds Must Consider in Buying a House

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  • Author Cynthia Grant
  • Published November 24, 2011
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Most couples who are starting up a life together consider getting a house to be the first on their list of priorities. This is where they shelter a family of their own. Some couples make sure that they have a home before starting a family. Some already have a home even before marrying. So if you are in the process of looking for your dream house, say considering checking out Bixby real estate through listings of Bixby Homes for sale, these three important things will be very helpful in choosing your home sweet home.

• Your financial priorities. As newlyweds, you might be in a financial dilemma because of your recent wedding expenses. You might have outstanding loans and other payables to settle. It is best that you set your priorities especially when it comes to your finances. Pay those that need an immediate payment or those that have an early maturity. It is also advisable that you settle them before getting into another financial responsibility which is buying a house of your own. In doing this, you are freeing yourself from any other financial burdens making you focus on your house. A house is definitely a big chunk off your bank account. You have to think about it thoroughly. And you have to prioritize where your money must go first.

• Your financial capabilities. Know your financial limits and capabilities. Can your salary afford a bigger house? Does it need you both to work for it? You also have to determine the amount you are willing to spend for your dream house. This way you won’t be tempted to suddenly switch to another offer and stretch your finances to its limit. Make sure also that you decide on something that is within your budget so that you will avoid getting loans just to pay for it because you miscalculated. Controlling your desires and wants can help you make a sound and practical decision. You have to consider real estate pricing and other factors before deciding on this.

• Your own research. Once done with the first two considerations, you are now ready to get that dream house you long to have. You can start looking for real estate listings with different mortgage plans that fit your specifications. You can do this the old fashioned way; looking at magazines or newspapers and other real estate publications, or the modern way; via the Internet. You will get endless choices. It’s only up to you to decide which best fit your description of your own dream house. Getting a real estate agent who is good in his craft and honest in his deals is also a plus. This way, you get expert advice that will guide you through the whole process. With an agent, you will be spared from wasting time and effort.

With these three things in mind, you will never go wrong in buying a home. A hasty decision usually leads to disappointment and dissatisfaction. Careful planning has long been a proven way of doing things. These are two most important steps to follow in going about with almost anything; plan and decide. This will also hold true in buying a house. A lot of people think they have wasted too much effort and time getting an overpriced house. These tips will save you the trouble!

Cynthia Grant is a freelance real estate writer and a mother of two. She lives in Baltimore, MD. Click on Bixby homes for sale and Bixby real estate for more information.

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