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  • Author Karen Ross
  • Published December 2, 2011
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Most of us dream of having a house of our own - a dream house. In reality though, you will realize that the process of actually acquiring one is very difficult. Home shopping, no matter how grand it sounds is not a simple task as your ABC because of a lot of things to put into consideration. It is a must that you entrust your dream to people who are tried and tested in the field. Looking for trusted realtors is highly recommended just like Shawnee real estate. Considering your preference, there are a lot of Shawnee homes for sale to choose from.

But the complete process doesn’t just end there. There seemed to be a long list of things that must be put into consideration in order to get the satisfaction you truly deserve. Out of this list, here are four things that seemed unheard of but are also very important before buying that dream house.

• Zoning policies. Be aware of these policies. Restrictions and policies concerning your soon to be property must be laid down on the table so that you will not be caught off guard in case things get mushy. The purpose of this is for you to be prepared for things. Check on your property’s as well as your neighbors’ zoning with the government unit in charge of these things. Most realtors will provide you information. However, it is best that you also do your homework to be sure.

• Neighborhood associations. Verify if there are community associations and activities. This will reflect the kind of neighborhood that you will eventually be part of. Community associations will signify that people within that neighborhood are open to mingle with one another and are willing to be part of building the community.

• Check utility bills. Checking past utility bills for pattern is a smart move. You don’t want to spend too much on utilities, do you? So verify if utilities require maintenance or repairs to avoid unnecessary spending.

• Check the vicinity. It is important that you check the surroundings and areas near your soon to be home especially if you are from a different state. Familiarity with the vicinity is important. Know if there are hospitals, airports, and police stations nearby your area. These can be very beneficial for you but might create noise and cause you some trouble.

• Latest house enhancement. Know the latest house enhancements done on the property. It is important that you find out the last time the roof or house exterior was painted so that you can prepare for the next possible repainting. This will prepare you for a budget for these things.

• Ask. Keep on asking. This is the most effective way of getting information. Ask your realtor any question that might come to mind regarding the house or the property no matter how weird you might think it is. After all, it is you who will suffer the consequences if you will take them lightly. Ask some people in the neighborhood. This will give you a different perspective and unbiased information.

These things may be of the smallest details but can have a big impact on your decision. To make your money’s worth count, it is necessary that you employ certain strategies to get that dream house you wanted.

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