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  • Published November 26, 2011
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What is Serviced Apartments? Do you have to stay in Serviced Apartments? Serviced Apartments is typically available apartments or condominiums and private companies, either to rent a long term basis (long stay) or short term. Stays can range from a couple of weeks to months. If a company sends a staff member out of town on a task that is expected to last more than a few days, often the company will look at housing companies for two reasons:-

1 Cost Savings

2 Providing the Employee with a home-like setting

If you are an employee looking at a potential constraint away from home or if you are an entrepreneur who wants to streamline business travel and accommodation in New York, there is a company in New York that will handle your business needs for short-term furnished accommodations.

Cost Savings

The use of a short-term rental as a Serviced Apartments is a good option for businesses. May be you have a team that travels to another city and one of more than a few days. Having the team share an apartment can be substantially less than the payment of individual rooms. Staff members can share a ride in addition to saving on travel expenses. The housing companies also could be an incentive for the employee having to stay in a hotel. Not only are facilities tend to be good at this type of configuration, but another advantage is that employees can make their own clothes, do their own cooking, and so on. Sometimes, employees must take their families with them when it comes to extended travel and business travel in this case; a furnished apartment is a must.

Hotels might be good when you first arrive in a new city, but they will lose their luster after a few days living in crowded restaurants and food supply. If members of your staff in a home like setting, it will be best for them in hotel rooms and increase the chances of productivity. A happy employee is usually a much more productive. Furnished apartment are well equipped to productivity in the preparation of an excellent technology and adequate work space (desk in front of a small hotel rooms already cramped space, for example)

Travel Streamlining

There are benefits to a company beyond the costs too. Some companies offer consolidated billing Furnished Short Term housing and other benefits, making it easier to reconcile and reduce or even eliminate the evils of the expense report for employees. Alignment with a good company to rent short term could help to be able to meet their needs as they arise.

At MoLi Serviced Apartments New York, the modern luxurious apartments offer you all world-class amenities. We have offered services to various business professionals ranging from Wall Street professionals and banking institutions to IT firms and other Fortune 500 companies.

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